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Sure will do !

Merci beaucoup ! Ça m'aide énormément ! En effet il y a de grosses lacunes dans le tutoriel, et je vais m'empresser des les corriger ! (C'est pas évident de les voir quand on a le nez dans dessus en permanence, d'où l'utilité des retours d'autres personnes) Perso j'adore la musique aussi, elle fait partie de ma playlist pendant le développement du jeu !

Very cool concept !

Very cool little game. Brings back to the 90's.

Interesting little game. Not very deep in the meaning (although...maybe deeper than what meets the eye!) but amazing in its ambiance and with an ending that will probably surprise you ! I am glad I played it and I recommend for its unique expérience if you enjoyed for instance Dear Esther in the same genre.

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It is possible to patent a game mechanic ? Didn't know that O_o Hope you the best !

Hello. Have you considered using tools like Twine (or other game engine) to directly create games from your writings ? Nowadays you rarely need programmers to create games since there exist a lot of game making framework that require little or even no knowledge of programming.

No problem. I completly recognize myself in your game making process and decision, and I was actually kindof wanting to roam around the universe before the Star Citizen release date (that some say will be infinitely away in the future). I will follow your dev and try to make useful comments if it occurs.

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Sorry for the lack of diplomacy sandwich, but I have to state upfront that I hate the Battle Royale concept, but I am a big fan of space operas and space shooters in particular. I did start a game a lot like the one you describe (but in java...until I got stuck by a network bug I could not defeat), but instead entirely based on cooperation. I think your project is amazingly promising, and you have all my cheers for completing it ! If it ever happens to help, I did release a small free special effects assets pack from my game for free on, if you happen to see any usefulness in it.