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Interesting mechanics being able to switch between the two modes.

Nice idea!

Thanks a lot! I Liked your game too!

Fun game! I survived for about 3 minutes, at which point, giant doges got in the way and i died.

Good job

That was intense man... good job

We struggled to get penta combos while developing it! Good job

Bro this is real interesting. The music makes me laugh. Good job.

Game kinda makes me feel like a schizophrenic though haha!

That feeding animation and music is pretty terrifying xD Good job with the game!

Suprisingly hard! Great design, fun and real potential.

This is brilliant man. Great idea, great implemenetation, and nice animation. One of the best so far!

Dude....this has real potential. It's fun, great job!

Future mobile game possibly?

It's the best game I've seen of the jam so far. I think you guys have a good shot at getting a high rank!

Good work for a solo developer!

Music is just great. Art looks good. Mechanics are pretty hard, but well implemented. Nice game, great job.

This reminded me of Nintendo brain training! Good job

Fun game! I'd say could do with a few more sounds, but the core mechanic is quite fun. Has potential to be a fitting mobile game I think. Good job

Funny minigame! Well-made for sure.

The audio cut out after a few rounds, but otherwise all seemed well.

Fun game! Not too easy and funny art.

Just one question... isn't it normal to eat bricks? :O

That was suprisingly fun! I got to stage where water is filling the boat and there's polar bears everywhere. The physics implementation was fun man. Good job!

Suprisingly fun! Because the core gameplay is quite simple (just the mouse) you can kinda relax and focus on blowing zombies up. Obviously lacking in art/audio but deadlines!

Good job