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Hi folks, some more shameless self promotion!

I wasn't quite as pleased with how my LD51 Entry turned out as I have been with some of them so I hadn't posted it until now. Seemed worth putting it out there with my LD53 entry though - still loving PixelBox as a jam-engine!

So without further ado, the games:

LD53 - Rover Herd

I'm not sure exactly what genre to put this in, maybe a sort of puzzle-y / simulator-y thing? You've got to learn the behaviours of various creatures and figure out how they respond to certain things, then use that knowledge to deliver them to villages

Rover Herd

LD51 - Robo-Clash 1999

This is a sort of turn based strategy where each player enters 10 seconds worth of commands, then the commands are executed at the same time as the other player's. Ends up feeling a bit too random a lot of the time, but I'm quite happy with the look and vibe of it!

Robot-Clash 1999


I'm running into this issue on v2.1.0
When I'm working on projects with larger tile sizes (i.e. 16x16) I sometimes find that the copy / paste functionality in the tilesheet will only copy the top left 8x8 pixels of a sprite. Occasionally it will start working again but it would be useful to have a fix or reliable work around. 

Hi all,

Once again I've chosen PixelBox for a Ludum Dare game!

This time the theme was Delay the Inevitable - so here's a little game about running away from some missiles that have gone haywire in a weapons factory.

Check it out here: InevitaBallistics

Hi Froggygoloso,

If you're still struggling with this, this might be worth a try - apologies if you've already tried something like this!

When I'm making games with PixelBox I usually move the actual update logic outside of the "exports.update = function so the main.js ends up looking a bit like this:

It's probably not strictly speaking the best way of doing this, but you should be able to make sure that your recolouring code runs before you start drawing things to the canvas. It does depend a bit on how exactly you're trying to do this at the moment, but this should let you effectively delay things.

Hope this helps - if not I might be able to offer some more suggestions if you're comfortable with sharing some code here, but no worries if not!

I'd find it really useful if there were a tooltip showing the position of the tile on the map editor that the mouse is over if it hovers there for a while. 

I've ended up referencing tile locations to spawn objects in the games I've written in PixelBox and it would be convenient to not have to count how many tiles across / down I need to go by hand. I think the proposed Prop Layer in the roadmap would work just as well to address this, but thought it was worth suggesting!

Hello again! 

PixelBox really is great for game jams - I used it before for LD47 and came back to it for LD48. Got some use out of the new character sets feature in 2.1.0 too! 

The game is Pearls of Wisdom, a little diving game about finding some "deep" wisdom, deep beneath the ocean. 

If you fancy a go, try it out at:

Pearls of Wisdom - Screenshot
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Manually creating the file has sorted it, thanks very much!

Pixelbox community » Meta » Questions · Created a new topic 9 Slice Sprites


I've downloaded the 2.1.0 version of the PixelBox editor to have a bit of a play around with some of the newer features. But I can't quite figure out how to get the 9-slice sprite stuff working. 

I created a blank 27x27px png to experiment with, but I can't figure out how to edit the slice points. I'm only getting this in the slice window after clicking "Convert to nine-slices"

If I close and reopen the project it seems to change the png back to a normal image as well, although I'm not sure if this is just a knock on from now being able to define where it's slicing.

Sorry if this belongs in bugs, but I thought it was probably just me missing something!

Hi folks,

Had a go using PixelBox for Ludum Dare 47 (I've been meaning to get round to posting this for a while...) and really enjoyed it! Pretty sure I'll be using it again when 48 rolls around. 

Anyway, here's Age of Amperes, a puzzle game where the aim is to direct electrons towards bulbs to light them. It's based on the theme of Stuck in a Loop - enjoy!

Thanks for the replies - I'm not using Unity Analytics, IAP or Multiplayer services.

When I start up a build of my game my Anti-virus is picking up a request out to Unity's cloud servers.

As far as I can tell this is linked to the "Disable HW Statistics" check box in Unity Editor's Player Settings - which is unfortunately unchangeable in Personal Edition.

The request seems to be made as the application is loading so I'm not really sure at what point I'd be able to show a button.

Good news though!

Looks like in newer versions of the editor it can actually be disabled even in Personal Edition:

Hi folks,

I've recently found out that games built with Unity Personal edition collects hardware information from people playing those games. I've made a few games in Unity that I'd like to share on, but I'm not sure what sort of notices I have to leave for users, if any, about this data collection. 

Do any developers here have any knowledge they could share on this?

Does itself have any rules about this?

Thanks for any help!

(Sorry, I'm new here!)