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Thanks!  It does definitely turn the typical tower defense strategies on their head.

As for the style, I'm sure there are tons of ways to accomplish it.  What I did was make the models in Blender and I used the inset feature to add rims around each face.  Then I used vertex painting to set the faces to black and the rims to white.  Then in Unity, I created a shader to use the vertex color along with a property color as the emission color.  There is also a post processing volume with a high intensity bloom filter applied.

Thanks!  The differences are the speed and strength.  I intended on making the plasma cannon have splash damage, but didn't have time to implement it.  I also had plans of levels with 5 or so portals with obstacles that caused the enemies to path different ways, but again, I didn't have time to add them.  I may further enhance this later because I think the mechanic has potential and I have a lot of ideas.

Thanks!  I've always enjoyed TD games as well.  Yes, I started programming because I wanted to make games.  I taught myself C and C++ in order to make my first game (back in the mid 90s there weren't many game engines or learning resources like there are today).  I got a degree in it and entered the business world as the game development industry was known for low pay and intense crunch, even 20 years ago.

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This was great.  I really had a WTF moment on the second ball when I hit it and the first ball knocked the ball away.  It took me a couple tries to realize it was replaying my hits from the first ball.  The other balls interfering caused several hilarious situations.  This is a very amusing game and well done.  I did notice some depth issues when the ball was falling out of the world.  Not a big deal, but a slight distraction.

This game has a great feel to it.  The hits feel satisfying.  The level design is well done, with difficulty increasing well.  Overall great job.

I've been developing software for 27 years now.  I did some minor game development when I was a teenager (releasing my first game at 17), but most of my adult life has been spent on non-game development.  I've been focusing a lot of energy on game development for the past 5 years or so.  Nothing notable released to date, but I've done my share of game jams.  I typically do the August Ludum Dare, but since they shifted things around, I was able to make time for the GMTK jam this year. 

For this jam I decided to make a tower defense game where you can only have one weapon defending your towers at a time.  I think it turned out really well.  I haven't received much feedback on it yet, so I don't know how challenging it  is.

Here's a link to my game for anyone interested (browser playable):

This is a really clever puzzle game.  The difficulty of each level felt appropriate and the simple graphics served to portray the state of the game well.  Overall, very nicely done.

This is an addictive game.  At first I thought it escalated too quickly.  After playing it half a dozen times, I changed my mind.  It was nice that I was able to rapidly get back up to speed.

A few things to note.  Some juice would make a world of difference in this game.  If you're unfamiliar, check out Mark's video on the subject.  Also, the music was repetitive so it got old fast.  It's not bad music, just tiring on the ears after a dozen playthroughs.

Overall though, I enjoyed this game a lot more than I thought I would at first glance.  Nice work!

I made a tower defense game for this jam as well, although I went with a slightly different mechanic.

I like the design choice of placement determining upgrade.  I encountered the same issue someone else mentioned, which was the shots missing.  I had this problem in my game too.  I mostly fixed it (I don't think it's entirely fixed) by leading the shots depending on the dot product between the forward value of the weapon and the direction of travel of the  target (the closer they are to 1, the more the shot needed lead).

Great job on the game!

Hey, thanks for playing and making a video.  If you have time, I've created an updated version that's got enhanced audio, visuals and gameplay.  I'd be interested in hearing your input on the changes I made.  Thanks!

If you're interested, I've recently released an enhanced version of this game which is far more polished and terrifying!

If you're interested, I've recently released an enhanced version of this game which is far more polished and terrifying!

I just watched your video.  Great job!  I don't know how many attempts it took at that 3rd soul, but you did well to avoid all the guardians!  Better than I've ever done in my own testing. Thanks for playing and for making a video.

Currently only in English.  If someone is interested in translating the captions, I will add them to the game.

Actualmente solo en ingles. Si alguien está interesado en traducir los subtítulos, los agregaré al juego. (Google translate)

Watched your video.  Thanks for playing and especially for the valuable feedback.  As an aspiring gamedev, this is exactly what I need.

Thanks for playing!  I enjoyed watching your video.

Hey, thanks for playing!  I commented on the video about this too, but there's a problem with the game on your computer.  The colors/textures weren't working.  There's a log.txt file in the app directory.  If you could email this to me at or copy and paste into that might help me fix the problem.  Thanks!

Awesome!  Thanks for playing!

As for my other games, my jam games are on this account, but my real games will all be posted here:

Thanks so much for playing!  I had never heard of Baldi's Basics until your video.  Funny coincidence for sure.  Watching videos like this is making me want to explore the darker side of myself and make more horror games!

Thanks for playing and making a video!  Congrats on surviving!

This was awesome!  Thanks for playing.  I've opened up the comments on that game... I didn't realize they were disabled.