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Jesse Talavera-Greenberg

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Nope, it’s all 64-bit.

Thank you for your interest! (Don’t worry, the game’s still in development. I am very stubborn.)

Hi there. Yes, that’s correct. This game is designed around controllers.

Glad you like it! It means a lot to me.

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The keyboard only controls Player 1. In order to play with a second player you’ll need two controllers, as the first controller plugged in is only assigned to Player 1.

I plan on overhauling the controls and adding the ability to customize them, but the control system to date was designed mostly for in-person playtesting.

Thank you for your patience, and for playing the game.

The frustrating thing is that I almost have everything I need, but the engine goes out of its way to prevent that.  Just let me write shell scripts (or Powershell, if I must) and I'll take care of the rest...

Thanks for reading (and playing)!  One of the Unity devs responded to my forum post.  If something comes of it, I'll post a follow-up.

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Hi, @lilou_cormic.

Keyboard input with arrows is planned, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  The Unity editor captures the arrow keys, so it made my life simpler to use WASD; but then I forgot about the arrow keys, since most of my playtesters use gamepads that I provide in-person.

Thank you for the feedback, though!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I have to ensure it works with the code that configures controls and displays them on-screen .  So yes, doing it would be easily done, ensuring it works without surprises needs a bit of time.