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There is now! Enjoy!

There is now! Enjoy!

You can move her metal ass with the left stick!


i am bouncing up and down in my chair

Bones cameo real

I really like the visuals here.

Yep, that was a typo! Just fixed it.

thanks for the video! glad you enjoyed

just drag them from the ui element to the door, and you're good to go! its the same way that you recharge your abilities

have you been putting the dice into the door, or just keeping them stored in your inventory?

i think you'll find the new update pretty engaging!

Really underrated gem here! Such a solid game loop, and the slowdown when the die rerolls is such a good QOL feature! Great job!

Really enjoyed getting good at this game!

Really solid puzzle game! I've seen other games have you roll a die around to get the faces onto the right tiles, but no game has felt as organized as this one does. Every level felt satisfying to complete!

Really cool game! I wish that homing bullets wouldn't lock on to the Reaper, but otherwise this was a really fun entry to the jam.

I love the weight of the player character! 

Cute game! It might have been cool if different non-number die symbols had different effects, but otherwise this was a nice, quick experience.

Really cool game!! Feels like with a bit of polish, it could be a really good standalone experience. Aside from some loud sound effects mixed in, and a very high difficulty curve, the game is very good.

Great game, and that backing track is so hectic; I love it!!

Once I figured out that rolling into enemies was the key, I got right into the game flow! I do think that having an enemy type which can attack you inbetween rolls is a bit contrary to the game's intentions, but otherwise this is a really underrated entry!

Love the visuals, and the mechanics are pretty intuitive, but I found it a bit frustrating to roll the dice while playing. I had to drag it around more than I would have liked. Otherwise, this was a really nice experience!

Loved this game! The controls were super satisfying, and this was a really interesting way to make a metroidvania-type experience with such a quick play time! I think that this game could have done with a few more landmarks (I found myself getting lost from time to time), and maybe a more generous window to successfully perform a wall jump. Other than that, it was a really solid experience with a lot to appreciate!

nice game! super satisfying mechanics.

Really fun mechanics are at play here! However, I do think that the feature about dice changing value depending on how far they fall should be an explicitly stated mechanic, instead of a hint hidden in the details of the game page. Overall, this is a really standout experience!

Does a good job at providing a very specific experience. Feels like the type of web game that you'd play for a few minutes on a site like newgrounds in the early 2010's.

This game was more fun than I expected from the mechanics! The random rolls of the platforms all felt calculated enough to be engaging, and I never had to manually reset even once.

This game was a really concentrated and focused experience, and I hope more people check it out! The art style is lovely, and immediately got my attention. 

Having input on which faces would come up on the dice was interesting, but made the preamble to your turn feel pretty slow if you wanted to maximize your results.

Super fun game loop! I was really invested in the rolls of the die, and whenever it teetered around the 1 face, it was a nail-biting experience!

It would have been nice if the coins would attract to your character, instead of requiring you to pick all of them up individually. It's a pretty fun game otherwise, though!

I saw a showcase of this game on YouTube, and I had to check it out myself! This game is super cute and works well with a simple but engaging concept!

What a gorgeously adorable game!! I'm in love with the art style and animations. I did find some aspects of gameplay to be somewhat tedious, mostly involving me rolling randomly until the right number came up, but otherwise this was an awesome adventure!

Awesome game! The sound design is so chunky here, as expected for a pico8 game. Gotta love that style!

I'm obsessed with the vibes.

This is a solid Warioware-like game, and I found the minigames to be intuitive & fun!

The gameplay got me hooked before I realized it!! Also, gotta love those crispy dice sounds.

This is a fun way to restrict the simple concept of jumping! The backing track is also a nice song.

Getting a feel for how to time the roll was an engaging learning curve. Really cool atmosphere, too!

Very cute game! Not many people have mentioned this, but the sound design is super sharp in it. The little plink noises of the bouncing ball are very satisfying.