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it's very pretty, really liked the platform aspects of it even though I think the gravity is a little too high, but I didn't get much of the dice things 

Good one

best game I have seen so far! Nice to see Godot users also

ótima atmosfera, acabei descobrindo esse jogo primeiro pelo canal do youtube alpha beta gamer, aí vi que estava aqui kkkk, é bastante coisa pra 2 dias

thanks, I will see your game tomorrow, and the stressful part was to see many bugs that could be solved in little time after the jam was over kkkk, but it is a simple game anyway

fun game, though I don't think it relates much with the theme

Nice game, I did something  similar in my game, it's pure chance also, but you simulate achievements in life instead of trying to win a race

Nice aesthetics, though I think I need a tutorial to learn to play this game

Fun game, though I couldn't get the gun back once it was gone

nice game, but I didn't get very far

nice game, really hard though, and what game engine did you used? I thought it wouldn't work with just an exe file kkkk

Oh, I love the visuals, but it doesn't to be handling the 'WASD' input 

nice visuals

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That's ok, I just thought that it might already been announced in some other channel.


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Ok, thanks!

Nice, I'm glad you like them, I'm making some more portraits, maybe when it get to 100 or more I will add a different zip file with a price tag 

kkkkk, thanks, I hope you like them

Sorry, it was made with Godot 4 Alpha 1 and not well optimized.

End up being too abstract, so sorry if it doesn't fit the theme too well.

Nice one, but I got stuck after taking the first pet.

Nice game!

Nice, just follow me on discord, is there a problem if I didn't fill the jam subscription form? cause I didn't.

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Hi! I'm a pixel artist located in Brazil looking for a team, Portuguese is my native language but I can also speak English, though not as fluently.

Here is some of the things I did:

I also have some solo game projects that you can access from my profile, in those I done everything besides sound/music.

Discord user: JayJay99#6422

I think the battery goes off to fast for the vacuum cleaner speed, I couldn't do anything.

Great Art!

Kinda hard, I think the player character needs more attacks or features to make the action fair. But really nice art! 

kkkk, I know how that feels

Ow, thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate you liked.

I agree, and plan to do so. Thanks for the Feedback! :)

I think you should put the controls on the game description, also when I press the full screen button the game doesn't catch any of the keyboard inputs, that is a problem that I had, I solved on the game edit page, changing to go automatically full screen. 

It seems really fun, but I couldn't get any materials, I just watch the neighbour empire taking everything for himself y.y, I think you should keep working on it after the jam is over, because the idea is really good.

Thanks, I plan to add some clearer output for when the player is hit after the jam is over

mine was played by redefine, but if you would be so kind:

Fun game, and nice pixel art also.

So good to play, very polished.

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Yeah kkk, Once the Jam voting started I realised that many people take some time to realize you can move. I'm happy you liked, thanks for the feedback.

Thanks, but the music was from Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio: