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kkkkk, thanks, I hope you like them

wow i tried em out, anyway i like since it saves memory space, i do have many project and my sprites are large, i know but i maybe find usage i make manually stretch em to double size. perfect inside a small tv or something...i will try more, put a mouth speaking thing..i dont know but super nice and trendy style, youre style is really awesome. I am into clean style "no shading" so this is exactly what I am into actually. I send you couple of dollars or make a new one with a price maybe : ) 

Nice, I'm glad you like them, I'm making some more portraits, maybe when it get to 100 or more I will add a different zip file with a price tag 

I paid you couple dollars, a tip is to have a test pack and a paid one with more content. Thanks !!

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Ok, thanks!