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nice interesting style

wow, very nice!

awesome gotta try out

Absolute favorite tool for me, had some own tricks to import and also used lazy eye gmtransfer. yes hope this will work with game maker 2.3 the latest that will arrive soon. anyway so many thanks and hope you keep on developing this one. I did give some support $10

look awesome hyvä suomi !!

yes been testing this but not this version, works so far very nice.

thanks ! bought and very happy. so nice. maybe tesla cybertrack next !! please do some like mad max stuff also.

wow nice 

Hi, I cant buy it using my credit card, same card i used before here at itch.  There is something wrong with itch since i can buy from other websites with same card.

wow this i am gonna buy, make more its great!!

Great tool, by the way any update? i found out that large project was not able to scroll all resources. anyway if you got update put a price i buy it. or beta test. got any other tools for gm. 

Great !!! this is really awesome, love this kind of tools !!!



wow, this looks interesting...


this is very good thx

Looks really interesting,does this work in physics world.  

thx!!Nice stains, had this kind of code before. Surfaces cleared as supposed when resize or minimized. trying to solve that using a buffer. 

Cute voice :)


Great music !!

😎 wow, nice gotta check out this!! 

Hi,  it can be used as an enemy in a game maybe add some features like follow. The fade effect is nice. Put some food which they eat.

//step event of obj_worm_sibling

if place_meeting(x,y,obj_food){
spd +=1
timerGoo -=0.1

//step event of obj_food

if place_meeting(x,y,obj_worm_sibling){


cool, i need to check the programv u used to create these

this is awesome too, unique theme

I just bought it from yoyo market. 5 out of 5 !! excellent


awesome stuff, i buy this.soon

GMTransfer community · Created a new topic Excellent

Excellent tool. i was planning to create a tool like this myself but found this. Gm needs tools like this. Excellent work!!!!