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Just so you're aware, the download of the paid asset via the client gets mangled (for me), while a direct download seems to be fine. Thanks for the great asset pack!

Loving the updates, thank you! What font are you using here too? I like it, very readable!

Can confirm working correctly in 3.5 and 4.x

I love a lander-inspired game. Top stuff, brilliant.

Uploaded with an ALT+Enter toggle enabled :) Thank you for the prompt feedback!

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Hello bullet-dodgers,

I intended to join in last year but got distracted IRL. I was going to use this as I ported it to godot at the time:

…which also now works in godot 4, if C# is your thing (and can be called from gdscript). Markup itself is documented here by its creator:

Fingers crossed I get some time to join in!

Hi dude, Merry Christmas! Is this via Sidequest? The apk is side loaded on Quest by the client.

  • POOL YOUR OBJECTS. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials around. You're not going to get above 50 bullets at 60fps if you're Instantiating and Destroying constantly. Those are expensive functions, it takes a lot of time to run them, so create a "pool" of bullets when the game loads and activate/deactivate them when needed.
  • Rigidbodies are sloooooowwwww. You don't need them. They do a lot of cool stuff, but 95% of it is not necessary for bullets. All you need to do is move the bullet and check a radius around it. You don't need collisions to be pixel perfect.
  • Make your bullets bigger! Increase your fire rate! Reduce your accuracy! If I'm shooting bullets, let me shoot bullets damn it. While you're there, probably double or even triple your movement speed and enemy movement speed.
  • If your game is lagging, open up the profiler. It gives you the knowledge you need to fix things! If you see a lot of calls to GC.Alloc (in Unity), that's a problem and you should try fix it.
  • Make your player's hitbox smaller than it looks like it should be, and make the enemy hitboxes bigger than it looks like it should be! This will stop players from complaining when it looks like something didn't hit and it should've, or vice versa.
  • A global leaderboard can go a long way toward increasing your game's popularity, e.g.
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Hey folks,

I intended to join this last year but IRL got in the way a bit, but I did port a bullet-ml library to godot that some others may find useful. I've signed up again this year too so at least I can put it to some good use.

The template has some basic collision on the player sprite, movement and example bullet patterns that I scraped from the Internet. There's some documentation here too:

Good luck everybody!

Excellent puzzler, made me go “Oooh” a couple of times. Great job!

Ace! Thanks for playing 🙏🏼 

Another DDR fan that enjoyed this. Great graphical style!

Lovely little game, enjoyed the casual flow and how the theme is implemented. Very nice!

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Amazing, LOL! Serious Pang vibes... good game!

Love the sound track!

The blues riff is stuck in my head; a theme for watering all plants! Love it!

Love Metal Warriors! I had to import it back in the day, totally worth it. Konami could do no wrong on the  SNES. Thanks for your feedback!

I'm aware there's an occasional audio bug (latency) in the webgl version. The downloads don't have this issue; they're the best way to play :)

Hyper-realistic egg sounds. I am the rubber chicken king.

Very good. Bought back some memories! Hard as nails.

Thanks dude, appreciate the feedback :)

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I chose to port an existing game to VR for #devtober. I've been posting small updates via devlogs and Twitter, think this is a good time to wrap it up!

There's a post-mortem here if anyone fancies a read:

I've enjoyed seeing all the updates in the community too; great work everybody who took part and thanks to Ellian for hosting the jam :)

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Yes, that's fine too - it's the commitment to 'dev' as mentioned by the other posters; post progress, submit to the jam. It doesn't even have to be finished! Enjoy the process, document it and reflect on the results.

A colouring game could be awesome!

Unsure what you're up to here; typically, something like this:

get_tree().change_scene("path") // or change_scene_to(PackedScene)

But you might also consider swapping scenes in a viewport using add_child(). Here's the documentation that may help:

Good luck!

Awesome! It’s coming soon, I’ll post with instructions when ready. Do you have sidequest? That’ll be required for loading; check it out:

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Desperately in need of some guided tutorial or something that hints at what is possible in the app for new users. Moving the mouse around does... stuff? But it's functionality is hidden away and isn't located without hints. Requires mouse dexterity - especially as the UI reacts to the mouse - that excludes certain users. There are keyboard shortcuts but again, who knows what keys do what without some level of new user on-boarding?

Pretty smart, I like it. Assuming there's a seed, can you display this too so one may recreate sprites and/or variations?

Talent… or did you mean Godot? ;)

Shame this doesn't work without some tweaks (need the correct version of the Unity Player locally, but I don't have one installed) because this bloke looks well dapper!

The world needs more shmups. Didn't use the stop mechanic much because I'm awesome. Super polished, super game!

Love the health switching. Very good!

For all the dungeon crawlers, 3D epic and platform games... this is my fave in the jam. Oddly reminds me of Afterburner and Sega's other pseudo-3D titles.

Thank you for this tileset, used on my Nokia 3310 3 jam submission. They were perfect!

Sent you a request Rory, thanks!

Nice, I like this. Can't beat a good dungeon crawler. It could do with some better indicators to highlight directions; I couldn't quite make out the shapes, and sometimes skipping a direction when next to corners/walls is cool, but upsets the flow. Great concept, very retro-inspired!

I love the characters! Quite a compelling little game, great just leaving it to run and see what they get up to although there's not a huge level of interaction. I think I'd have preferred a toggle rather than to hold the button, but nonetheless very cute!

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I think this is how all pumpkins should be loaded onto trucks! Super-slick, great implementation!

I like this! Had trouble with the pickups before; it's very busy and takes some getting used to. Very good though, pings my Tempest 2000 zen thing man.

Thank you for the feedback! I've added SPACE and left click (anywhere, except time control). I've also changed the window settings to allow full screen.

I've toyed with the concept in my head for a while and enjoyed creating this vertical slice that I'd like to develop further. Thank you for hosting the Jam!