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Such a great experience. It had a really interesting balance of intense button-smashing gameplay as well as calm mellow story moments. Loved it.

Thanks for the great feedback. We ran out of time to implement directional dialogue and an additional quest (now in the post-jam version and an additional minigame) but if you would like to experience the rest of the content and the winning cutscene, fill up the Good Boi meter by scaring Hadedas, digging up bones and platforming to the roof to scare the chonky Hadeda.

That sounds interesting. I’ll add that for you 👍

Hey, what would you like added?

You're very welcome 😄

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Fixed! :) Apologies. You may need to clear your browser cache.

Will look into this ASAP. Thank you for letting me know.

Indeed. Spontaneous combustion. Always a good laugh to see people’s reactions the first time that happens 😂

139!! 0.0 Such great management skills! Thanks for the great feedback :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

You hit the nail on the head. Videos, gifs, images really don't sell the game well. Need to come up with something better. I'm a big fan of management games too so many influences coming from that and many more to come.

Indeed, quickly gets out of hand. Thanks for playing.

Thank you for your feedback :)

Wow! That's impressive! Thanks for playing. Give it another go if you'd like, you missed the best part ;)

Haha it is quite surprising when all your precious melons start spontaneously combusting. Love the reactions.

Thanks :) We're adding more content and melon behaviours in the next update

Thank you ^_^

Hidden Folks and Kids were big influences with the style :) Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the suggestion :) Definitely considering this in the next update. Glad you enjoyed it

Love the art! The chat options are great. Had a good laugh.

I love management games. Enjoyed Papers Please. This reminds me of it. Really nice work :)

That's a lot of art wow! Well done. Quite tricky. Including a level editor is quite impressive for a jam!

Game is hard 0.0 Couldn't really get into it but nice effort :)

Loved the sound and especially the art! Great job. The gameplay wasn't so intuitive to me but I'm not really a platformer/metroidvania player so I blame myself =P Great concept though.

Love the concept. Nice one!

Nice work! Sounds were great! Camera felt like it got stuck on the edges of the map. Love then animals wreaking havoc.

The characters and the sound are great. Well done :) Cheeky shoppers

Cool little game :)

hahaha is it a bug? Or shall we just call it a feature? Thanks for playing :)

Ah thanks for that. Replayed it and adjusted my rating :)

Super fun! Agree with ghostentity12 about the control scheme though.

Nicely done. Enjoyed the challenge. Difficult to tell which colour did what which I found rather unenjoyable. Nice sound.

The broomstick collider was really unforgiving when it came to flying over the dragons. No idea how far the finish line was. Nice premise though. Some animation and fx could help make the obstacles stand out from the background a bit more.

Interesting concept. Looking at a screen within a game is not always fun though. You could 'dive' into the defence mode minigame and include some extra info about your ammo, health, energy as well. If it's just a survival game then having some metric to measure how well you're doing like waves or enemies killed. The mouse look was really sensitive as well for me which made it a bit frustrating to navigate the environment. Overall nice effort :)

Love the audio banter. Really sets the mood :) Not much challenge other than jumping around.

Really cool! Love the concept of visualising where the character is and the pressures of danger coming. Nice progression of difficulty as well.

No idea if my inputs are actually doing anything. Looked at the help but the font makes it difficult to know for sure. Maybe it only supports a game controller?

Oh damn, crashed the game. Art and sound is great and the creatures are nice but couldn't figure out what the gameplay was.

Would have loved to test your game, but you haven't zipped the whole build folder. You're missing a lot of important files from the data folder.

Yep. I got stuck 0.0 The narration is great! Controls are a bit unintuitive. Idea is *cool*.

I'm still confused about what the goal of the game is. I assumed I need hit the green square by using the gravity of the spheres to influence my position but that didn't seem to be it.