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totally unhinged comment... Why in the world java? Who the f cares?? Someone made a free game, which you downloaded for free, and then played for fun, and it didn't work as well as you wanted it to ... what do you want? Your money back? If you want to make a better version of this game then go ahead and do it. It's not like this is some AAA game from a publicly traded studio that actually cares about feedback from random internet people.

This is awesome. What dictionary did you use? I'm trying to work on a word game but it's hard to find a good dictionary to download

Web export doesn't play well with Macs :/ any chance I could get the p8 cartridge so I can play it?

Awesome! Being able to retry the 2nd ship without having to do the 1st one over again would make it less frustrating to have to redo some levels a bunch of times

maybe you didn't add a space between and the path of the file

Cool concepts! Love the puzzles. Would be cool to have a few more of them.

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this is absolutely amazing. Really great work. I'm strongly considering using some of these generated backgrounds for our game Barnard's Star:

I'll be sure to give credit if we end up doing that!

Anyways, I'm just super impressed. Great that you include source too -- I'll probably take a look at some point to see how the magic happens.

I also saw one of your posts on Reddit detailing the process of generating procedural pixel art planets. Incredible stuff. Keep up the great work!

Love the concept, the art, and the chill background music!

Btw, to get it to run on Mac, I had to run this command in the terminal: chmod +x Goo\\ 2021

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It's originally a C/C++ application, ported to web with Emscripten.

but if you want pixel-scaling on a 2d canvas, one trick is to use this CSS

image-rendering: pixelated;

this is great! I’ve been trying to get rust working with glow for wasm builds, but can’t find any resources on how to actually use glow... do you mind sharing an example of how to use it?

First of all, this is awesome! Great concept, super useful design, and nicely polished too.

Second, just a question - what tools or libraries did you use to make this? I’m just starting to get into C++ game development and I can’t help but be impressed that the download is only one file, and 200kb at that. What would I use to make something so streamlined like this?

Doesn’t seem like SDL since you’d need to include the DLL in the download... anyways, obviously not a super important question, but I really am impressed and want to learn how this works.

Yeah, here's the repo!

If you look at the commits, the "initial commit" is the source as it initially was, just after downloading (just the src folder). Then the next commit "Fix build for Mac" has all my changes. Mostly just changing a few #includes and then adding a CMake build script.

Cool game! I was able to get it to compile on Mac, lmk if you'd be interested in having me upload a build or share the changes on GitHub or something

This has got to be a problem with SuperTiled2Unity, not with Tiled itself

I think the “real” fix is to somehow look up the users AppData folder and save there instead ... not really sure how much work that is though, might not be worth it haha :P

Where did you put the game folder? If it's supposed to save the game to the game folder itself, it seems like it could be a permissions issue

The graphics on this game are amazing. I love the 1-bit art with the red, and the chromatic aberration w/ screenshake whenever the needle dashes, and all the moody 2d lighting effects you've got going on too. 

Thanks a bunch! Would be fun to make a sequel sometime :)

glad you liked it!


Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you! I definitely took some creative liberties with it.

Just released my first PICO-8 game! It's a platformer where you are stuck on an unfamiliar planet and have to explore 4 levels to get to your spaceship and make it back to Earth.

Play the game in your browser here:

The controls are:

Arrow keys: move around

Z: jump

X: get out/put away pogo stick

The only trick is that you need to hold down the Jump button (Z) while pogoing in order to go higher.

Collect lollipops, sodas, and Vorticon teddy bears for an extra challenge. These are totally optional and just serve as an extra objective for those that are interested (much like the strawberries in Celeste).

Let me know what you think!

this is awesome lol

Great job on this -- amazing for a game jam! Just curious, what game engine/framework are you using? Or is it a custom one?

This game is awesome! Just curious, what engine/language is it written in?

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Feels really nice already, don't love restarting at the 1st level after a 1-hit death though

agreed, the game menus are pretty lacking right now as far as artwork goes. We’re definitely going to work to make the menus less drab ... anything would be better than 3 tones of grey, right?