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Awesome project! Just wanted to let you know there is a technical question regarding your game on this forum for retro devs:

It would have been nice if there was some list of resources to help people get started with their projects. Something like this:

Awesome! Waiting for the the technical aspects write-up!!

Did you know that there is an open-source SDK for developing programs for the Nokia 3310 hardware called NokiX

Some more related links

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Really cool! Let's hope that this jam would become a recurring event. BTW, have you seen this "GBC-style" collection of microgames? --

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Awesome projects! Have you created any programming tutorials for Commodore PET by chance? Posted any interesting content on GitHub?

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This is a really great project, with interesting, self-imposed limitations. Have you considered porting it to some retro platforms? Such as DOS or PlayStation 2, for instance.

Keep up the great work!

I have really enjoyed your game! It's so cool that people are still programming for SNES. Is there a GitHub page for your project?

I have really enjoyed your game! It's so cool that people are still programming for SNES. Is there a GitHub page for your project?

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This is a really great project! I hope that you will finish it...

BTW, are you taking part in GBA Jam 2022? --

Also, as you are developing for retro hardware, you might find this dev community interesting:

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Who should I call if I can't stop playing it? ;) Some suggestions:

- I can see that people are asking about new tracks. Maybe you could make a tool for adding additional songs to Apotris (in MOD format, for instance)

- rumble feature for flashcarts that support it

- any interesting ideas for new content? Some kind of challenges, bonus blocks (could be especially nice in multi), alternative pentomino shapes?

- have you ever considered creating a package of interesting block puzzle games for GBA in the future? With Apotris working so well... That would have been awesome for sure. Personally, I have great memories of playing Block Out for DOS as a kid, check it out:

And here's an arcade version:

BTW, is there a GitHub page for your project?

Keep up the great work!

Wow, this game is great! But it is a pity there's no sound when you are using brakes... It would've been a nice kind of aural feedback.

This game is awesome! It would've been really cool to explore the source code... Keep up the great work!

It's great that the NESDev Compo is back! It would've been cool to have an extensive list of resources for NES development on GitHub, something like Awesome N64 Development or Awesome Game Boy Development 

This dev has been trying to collect at least some resources:

Just to be clear, that project is not by me. I thought you might find it interesting... Some nice ideas about AI, BTW, maybe you should try to reach the dev on YouTube.

Maybe you will find this interesting or it will give you some ideas: Awesome Slam Siblings - A Smash Bros tribute on the Commodore 64 

Keep up the good work!

Great game! Can the Windows version run in fullscreen mode?

Keep working on it, the game is really cool!

It looks really cool, are you planning to port it to some retro platforms?

This is really awesome! So what's next? CGA? ;) There's this really cool CGA-style (it can also simulate EGA mode) modern indie game called You Have to Win The Game, and it has even been ported to a retro computer... But not an MS-DOS one, you can actually play it on Commodore 64:

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I would like to thank you, Pursuing Pixels, from the bottom of my heart for your recommendations! Thanks to you I've been able to find awesome pixel art titles such as Akurra -- and we seem to have a very similar taste when it comes to video games. I really think that you should also take a closer look at the retro homebrew scene, i.e. new games for actual retro consoles and computers. Just check out some of the cool stuff that people have been working on (some of these games are even available on Steam/itch):

- Rikki & Vikki (Atari 7800, this game shows that this console could actually compete with the NES):

- Demons of Asteborg (Genesis):

- Xeno Crisis (Mega Drive, Neo Geo, Dreamcast):

- Tanglewood (Genesis):

- Micro Mages (NES):

- ZPF (Genesis):

- Sam's Journey (C64):

- Ports of classic indie games to C64: and

- Games from NGDEV (Neo Geo, Dreamcast, Switch):

- You Have to Win The Game (C64 port of a classic indie game):

- Hypernoid (Neo Geo):

- The Dark Call Project (Genesis):

- Aliens Neoplasma (ZX Spectrum):

- Delta's Shadow (ZX Spectrum):

- The Abduction of Oscar Z (Amstrad CPC):

- Dottie dreads nought (SNES):

- Nekotako (SNES):

- SlipSpeed (DOS):

- Nox Archaist (Apple II):

- PSXFunkin (FNF for PlayStation 1):

- Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles (Dreamcast):

- BioEvil (WIP demake of RE1 for Genesis):

- IntelliVania - Castlevania on the Intellivision (console from 1979):

- Blazing Rangers (NES):

- Master System games from 2MINDS:

- RetroSouls games for Genesis:

- Super Impostor Bros (GBC):

- Last Crown Warriors (GBC):

- Infinity (GBC):

- Fire Lancer (WonderSwan):

- Alwa's Awakening (NES port):

- Action 53 collection of games from NES dev competitions:

- Witch n' Wiz (NES):

- Assembloids/Quartet (ported to many retro platforms):

- Escape 2042 (available for many platforms):

- Varoom 3D (GBA):

- Knight's Chance (Neo Geo):

- Atari 2600 regularly gets new releases, there's a YT channel which covers them:

- if you like the simplicity of PICO-8, check out as well this homebrew retro handheld:

And some recommendations for modern pixel art indie games that you might have missed:

- Frogatto & Friends (an upcoming platformer from the devs behind The Battle for Wensoth):

- Monolith:

- Antonball Deluxe:

- Pizza Tower:

- Mystik Belle:

- Z-Exemplar:

- From Beyond Prologue:

- The Abbey of Crime Extensum:

- Carrie's Order Up!:

- Radical Rabbit Stew:

- Okinawa Rush:

- Handsome Mr. Frog:

- Huntdown:

- Dino Run:

- Vacant Ark:

- Inyou Douji Monogatari:

- Iwanaga:

Awesome, it looks like bootleg WarioWare for Game Boy Color! Think about porting it. :P

Amazing! You really know how to work with limitations, you should try developing an actual retro homebrew game at some point. There are already quite a few games for old consoles/computers on itch:

Yeah, it would be really cool to see this on GBC. Have you seen how the creators of Alwa's Awakening approached the issue of porting their NES-style game to NES? They looked for a retro dev on Twitter, and now the game is coming to that console...

Как я обещал под вашим роликом Bone Marrow demo walkthrough, предоставляю список интересных инди игр, которых разработчики (кажется) не против, чтобы их портировать на олдскульные платформы или даже уже согласились. У всех этих игр хорошие отзывы пользователей:

- Lunark: платформер в стиле Принц Персии (он очень понравился людям на Steam Game Festival), уже планируются версии для Commodore 64 и ZX Spectrum Next:

- Annalynn: аркадная игра -- Автор игры заинтересован темой портирования на ретро платформы:

- Frogatto & Friends: платформер от создателей The Battle for Wesnoth, тут написано, что авторы игры не против, чтобы ее портировать:

- VVVVVV: это классика. Автор игры согласился, чтобы ее портировать на SNES: Код игры в открытом доступе. Super Hexagon, Maverick Bird и Tiny Heist это тоже отличные инди игры от этого создателя.

- Spelunky Classic:  классика, порт для PSP уже существует:

- Gunman Clive: платформер у которого отличные отзывы в Steam. Автор сам портировал игру (первый уровень) на SNES: Может ему бы понравилась идея порта на Mega Drive?

- Luftrausers ( и Super Crate Box (, просто инди классика, существуют официальные версии этих игр для Commodore 64

- Игры от Locomalito, некоторые уже были портированы на ZX Spectrum, MSX и другие ретро платформы. Посмотрите, например, на Super Hydroah (, Maldita Castilla ( и другие игры на их сайте

- satryn: аркадный шутер -- Ответ автора по поводу версии для ZX Spectrum Next (вы можете спросить про Mega Drive):

- Mystik Belle: метроидвания (, автор даже сам пробовал заниматься программированием для ретро железа: Он тоже работает (долгое время) над интересной игрой Legend of Iya (

- Minit: приключенческая игра -- У нее будет официальный порт для C64.

- Gravity Defied: очень популярная Java игра с мотоциклом, порт для Андроид с открытым кодом:

- Alwa's Legacy: приключенческий платформер -- Их предыдущая игра Alwa's Awakening получит порт для NES.

- Melkhior's Mansion: игра в стиле лучших игр из ZX Spectrum (но с намного лучшей палитрой) -- Порт на спектрум тоже планируется.

- Goodboy Galaxy: платформер на 20-летие Game Boy Advance -- Кстати, если вы бы захотели когда-нибудь портировать игру на GBA, посмотрите на Antonball Deluxe (, это такой breakout + Wario в стиле GBA. Ее авторы уже думали о таком порте. Ну, на Mega Drive тоже бы неплохо смотрелась игра.

- Tribute Games: игры с красивым пиксель артом -- Они говорят, что бы хотели уведеть свои игры на ретро приставках, но это тяжело с технической точки зрения:

- Monolith: шутер + рогалик (думаю, что лучший со времен Binding of Isaac) -- Очень классный графон. Автор игры говорит, что порт маловероятен: Но, не сказал, что не согласился бы на помощь)))

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Would have been awesome to see an expanded version of this on a "cursed cart" for some retro console. :) Mega Drive, for instance.

I really liked this game as well as your other stuff. Have you ever thought about making a game/creating pixel art for a real retro console (NES, GBA, Mega Drive, etc.)? There are even retrodevelopment jams on, for instance:

Keep up the good work!

Hello and thank you for organizing this event!

Check out these two recent retro development events on

- GBA Jam 2021:

- Game Boy Competition 2021:

I think that you may find there some interesting organizational ideas for this Amiga jam, for example:

- they are allowing user donations for prizes and using GitHub for doubling them

- there are bonus prizes for open-source entries (educational value)

- they list coding resources and communities (Discord servers, for instance) to further help participants

- some submissions have built-in web emulators to make checking out games easier


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Yeah, I have seen people mention an FPGA implementation of PICO-8 in the context of MiSTer FPGA as well as Analogue Pocket in quite a few places already. That could definitely bring the project closer to real hardware (instant boot, low audio/controller latency, direct hardware interactions). Also, there are devs who suggest that it may actually be possible with the right approach, for instance:
A baremetal (no OS) version of PICO-8 for Raspberry Pi and stronger microcontrollers would have been awesome too.  If lexaloffle started brainstorming regarding FPGA/baremetal PICO-8 (on Twitter, for instance), I think we might get some interesting answers/ideas.

This is simply fantastic! Now I'm starting to wonder how a proper Mortal Kombat 1 port would look like as there were quite a few MK bootlegs for Famiclones...

It looks like a cool game! Have you ever considered porting (demaking) Galactic Wars to an actual Sega Mega Drive (well, the soundtrack is already there). Sega Mega Drive regularly gets new releases which people even buy on cartridges, check out for instance this open-source port of Cave Story for inspiration:

Awesome game, thank you! And it looks like even the ZX Spectrum Next (a beefed-up version of the classic British computer) community has noticed it: People in the comments there started even wondering what would it take to port satryn to this retro computer...

Well, there are some interesting efforts to bring indie games to retro hardware, check out for instance Limbo for Commodore 64 or Cave Story for Sega Genesis. A floppy or cartridge with satryn could really look interesting on a shelf. :)

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You might find it interesting that the GBA Jam 2021 has just started, a retro coding event which celebrates the 20th anniversary of Game Boy Advance:

Here you can find a list of retrodevelopment and reverse-engineering Discords: Including one for PlayStation 1, and if you join the Emulation Development Discord you should also find links there to GameCube/Wii/Wii U/Xbox 360 emulation/development communities. The communities should help you get started with links to resources, and show you how to test your programs on original hardware or via emulation.

Check out this video as well, Making a Game for FIVE Different Consoles - Ludum Dare 46 [PS Vita, Nintendo DS, Wii, GameCube, and PSP]: Good luck!

The Game Boy Advance retro coding jam celebrating the 20th anniversary of the console has just begun:

Maybe you will find there some interesting ideas for the SNESDEV jam, check it out marshoepial.

It's cool that you're interested in this idea.  Well, for instance, the creators of Alwa's Awakening (NES-inspired indie game) asked the community for help (on Twitter in this case), and it is currently being ported to the actual NES hardware... --

Awesome game! I wonder whether it could be ported to some retro hardware (maybe even to an arcade platform)... Check out for instance Fix-It Felix Jr. on Sega Genesis for inspiration: 

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One could possibly try to crowdsource the resources. Let's say you ask people here (on the front page until the jam begins? -- well, it seems pretty important, and there is still some time left), on SNES dev Discord, and at NESDev (in a new topic?) to list like 1-3  of their favourite links. 

Then these links could be put on GitHub (or on some existing wiki if people would prefer that instead). A fancy page might be created later on/after the jam, if someone will feel like it. For instance this list currently is just a "bare" GitHub page:

I can begin...

Super Nintendo Architecture A Practical Analysis:

Assembly for the SNES:

"There is no knowledge that is not power" ;)

Maybe the preparations for this  jam are actually a good occasion to create with the SNES dev community an "exhaustive" list of development resources, so that people could focus on coding rather than searching (and, of course, for the future reference).

Something like:

- Awesome N64 Development:

- Game Boy Development community: