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I’m really looking forward to it! good luck!

I have played 1.99 steam games I liked less than this. I really loved the idea, and the title screen alone made me laugh. If badass were a category, this would be #1. I hope you keep working on this one, I’d love to play a fuller version, or honestly just make a manga or visual novel about drunkman. I love this.

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I really enjoyed the writing on this one! It was a little difficult to realize I needed to press the z key to progress past the first screen, but I really enjoyed all the different dialog and attention to detail. Something a lot of people miss is not putting in the small details, like examining fish, or commenting on the forest. Having multiple dialogs from multiple directions also adds a lot of depth to the experience, I really liked how talking to the butler he told me to swing around to the front to talk to him across the counter (ps: i think there’s a small soft lock after the behind the counter dialog, i had to reload).

Also loved the music, it’s perfect, calming but also mysterious. The SFX also really added to the atmosphere, the door slam during the ending cutscene and the creepy kid – oops no spoilers.

I won’t spoil the teaser at the end, but the small dialog that finishes the demo really triggers my imagination. I genuinely hope you keep working on this, and making updates, I’d really like to play more of this story.

Thank you so much for sharing, this is one of my favorites!

A creepy fast paced first person horror / chase game, invoking a sense of cults and ritual sacrifice. I enjoyed the intro which tells you to look down to point out you are carrying a sword, and you can damage enemies by running into them. The act of looking down to see myself armed was strangely immersive haha.

The gameplay itself is a little light, but movement is crisp and the enemies, while perma t-posed and crazy fast, persistent, and omniscient - I was still able to beat 4 out of 5 levels (I got stuck on the 5th stage) mostly by trying to dodge them. Unfortunately my dreams of being a face stabby fighter were dashed once they started coming at me 3 at a time.

I also tried to heal through some of the damage, but like any good horror game, discretion was the better part of valor, and I was able to do better by running rather than fighting. I think the dev knew this, because while kiting is possible, it’s much more difficult when you are looking for hidden walls (often hiding an enemy ready to rip into you) so there was a bit of frenetic dashing and dodging, and running face first into walls hoping they were false.

Congrats on your entry, I think you nailed the mood you were going for, and I’d love to see more! I think a lot of time was spent on visuals, and you achieved something really solid there. Next, I’d like to see what the dev could do with a focus on mechanics.

Thanks for sharing!

This is a very slick platformer. I love the art style, the controls are fun, and the puzzles are clever. If you consider this rough around the edges, I can’t wait to play something you’ve polished. Well done, great game.

I hope you keep the slow ramp up though, a lot of bullet hells just throw you in without any warm up. This had a really nice pace to it. Also mixing in the memory game while also dodging bullets was an extra layer. The reaction / dodge part of my brain and the “remember names and gravestones” part are usually not engaged at the same time. It really was a great idea!

Gorgeous art and fun mechanics! I especially like the 90s arcade sound effects. This is one of those games you keep thinking “one more round” until you realize how late it is haha

This can’t possibly be your first jam! Charging up your light powers was incredibly satisfying, and the whimsically cute but creepy music really set the tone. Thanks for sharing!

That’s very kind of you to say, but the competition is fierce! So many high quality submissions this time around, it’s been so much fun playing through everyone’s games ^_^

We were really lucky to have vee and luketylermp3 on board to provide such beautiful artworks and amazing sound design and music. Thank you for playing!

Thanks! Same for you! I loved your artwork, especially the animations.

Thanks so much for playing! Big fans of your game too =D

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Thank you, we really had a fun time working on it. We appreciate you playing the game and giving us your thoughts, especially since your game was such a badass platformer with a really cool concept. It was definitely one of my favorites!

Thank you for playing!

Love the art and the music was excellent. The gameplay was fun and while simple, still gave me enough of a challenge that only 7 lumi were able to escape ;o;

These kinds of games that rely so heavily on AI can often turn out disastrously, you should be really proud to have made such a clean, well functioning version of this idea.

Great concept executed very well. Thanks for sharing!

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That ninja demon boy near the key got me like 10 times before I timed the jump just right. This game definitely takes the cake for the creepiest main character, what fantastic character design! The animations are also very convincing! Everything about it reminds me of that Tim Burton cute-grotesque combo that is hard to get right.

I hope you continue it, the improvements you mentioned in the ending would definitely convince me to come back for a sequel or an extension! I’m curious to know more about Astra and what happens next!

Thanks for sharing!

The voice acting is the absolute best part of this game, I loved the little dialog lines, and the dry, slightly sarcastic instructions from your ship that could’ve come straight out of a Douglas Adams book. The mechanics are straight forward once you get the hang of them, and after winning, I played a second time to see what would happen if I lost.

I would definitely play any game featuring this space ship and captain combo again! Thanks for sharing, this was super fun haha.

Fun mechanic explained by snarky future self who may or may not be evil. Which is an interesting thought in of itself. I like how the difficulty that gets harder (more bullets) but easier (fewer graves to remember) as you progress. It feels like the game is slowly morphing from memory to bullet hell over the course of the game. I’m a fan of the art style too, and always give bonus brownie points for cutscenes, letterboxing, and special effects! Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  • Start as speedy GREEN KNIGHT. Stabby stabby, go fast, jump high.
  • Teal Knight rocks your face.
  • Jump over, make a hard jump, get YELLOW KNIGHT
  • Come back, stomp teal knight into ground.
  • Red knight comes and takes your lunch.

I had a lot of fun with this one haha. 10/10 thanks for sharing. But seriously, curse you red knight! shakes fist

Top hatted lantern wielding person fights eldritch monsters through ritual fires and a fully auto tommy gun. I’m pretty sure this game is the definition of badass.

I actually had a lot of fun with this one, a lot of neat puzzles and mechanics stuffed into this one, and I found myself having a lot of fun dropping my lantern, spraying into the darkness like a predator movie, screaming “COVERING FIRE”

That being said, I got totally wrecked on level 5, not going to spoil it but the difficulty curve goes through the roof haha. Gonna have to git gud for this one.

The art and music are fantastic, and the gameplay mechanic is simple in concept but VERY challenging! Running away from your own missile is the definition of “your own worst enemy” haha. Very cool idea, and great job on the visuals and audio! Thanks for sharing!

I hope you stick with it, this is definitely a game with a story that I want to complete =D

Narrative supernatural nior adventure game with great art and writing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete it due to a soft lock, however, I hope to see some updates to this spooky narrative game! I’d really like a way to fast advance the text (honestly the reason I didn’t complete was because when it locked up I was deep enough that I didn’t want to wait for the text scroll again haha)

That being said, a very cool game, I just wish I knew how it ended ;o;

Thanks for sharing! I hope to see more soon!

Fun game, I love the dynamic lights and balancing between oxygen and sanity while pushing deeper and deeper. I hope you keep the feature where touching the walls is what loses sanity, giving me a reason to bunny hop around through the caves XD

I still haven’t gotten the 6th star, but I’d love to be able to sell the ones I have for more money, the upgrade system is super cool, I want to be able to max out!

Thanks for sharing this game, I had a lot of fun!

(Note: Windows version played, the WebGL version needs to be exported from Unity with compression disabled. The error reads: “Unable to parse Build/! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header “Content-Encoding: br” present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug.”)

VERY fun game, I like how it forces me to play counter to my instincts when it comes to bullet hell shooters. Usually its best to constantly be moving, and flood the screen with projectiles, but sweeping against the mirror entity is a recipe for quick death! I found short bursts and dodging were more effective.

Cool art, banging sound track, great fx, and some narrative flavor in the description. My kind of game =D

Would definitely like to see this expanded on, thanks for sharing this was definitely worth a playthrough.

a very challenging pvp asteroids game with a gravitational twist! Even playing solo, it took me quite a bit of effort to get the hang of controlling and aiming my ship, and not lose control and spinning wildly. After some patience I was able to get pretty accurate. Really fun, thanks for sharing!

Very interesting game, I’ll try not to reveal anything but clever usage of the theme and limitation. I’m also always a sucker for narrative. Thanks for sharing this!

Super stylish top down arena shooter. Not being able to see all the geometry in the world is very challenging, but rewarding too. It took me multiple tries per room, as well as some hunting around to find the exits, but had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

This was VERY enjoyable experience, I love the idea - planning out how to use my flare to quickly get a sense for the room made it very satisfying to get multi bank shots to take out enemies in the dark. Almost as satisfying as head-shotting myself and realizing “i really am my own worst enemy.”

Thanks for sharing, and really impressive result for one day!

Stylish and fun, cool combo system as well. I really love the art and the mood, very cohesive and great attention to detail. Thanks for sharing this one! I really enjoyed it =D

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This was really fun! I like the idea, and although the gameplay was fun it accelerated my carpal tunnel XD. Don’t apologize for the dialog! Your writing is very good, and I appreciate the time and attention you put into the story. I love the 1-bit art style as well, great job.

Thanks for making this one, really liked it!

Really enjoyed this one! Great usage of both the theme (the torchlight dimming) as well as the limitation (whenever you die you know it was your own greed, the door was always right there) I also like how you kept time between the attempts low, so I could keep trying to route in just one … more … gem!

Well done! Great game!

Thanks for playing and the kind words! Your recommendation means a lot to me, since I think Demoiselle is one of the best entries of this compo!

Thank you so much for playing and making a video!

I did end up adding a complete journal at the 11th hour as the “good” ending, where you successfully escape the ship, but I agree some more in game GUI would go a long way. Thanks so much for playing and making such detailed feedback, it means a lot to us! (PS: The original screen was in fact a you are dead screen haha)

Hey thanks for playing the game, making a video, and providing feedback. It helps us a lot! We definitely have some improvements to make on the AI, we were tweaking it down to the last few moments trying to get the right balance of aggression, and I think some of those tweaks might’ve caused some side effects =X

Also looking into the mouse sensitivity issue! We’re working on a fix for this as well.

Thanks again!

Thanks for playing, and for the kind feedback! None of us had ever done a horror game before so we decided not to stray too far from the beaten path, and instead focus on leveling up our own skills during the jam. We are all very proud =]