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Thanks for playing and the kind words! Your recommendation means a lot to me, since I think Demoiselle is one of the best entries of this compo!

Thank you so much for playing and making a video!

I did end up adding a complete journal at the 11th hour as the “good” ending, where you successfully escape the ship, but I agree some more in game GUI would go a long way. Thanks so much for playing and making such detailed feedback, it means a lot to us! (PS: The original screen was in fact a you are dead screen haha)

Hey thanks for playing the game, making a video, and providing feedback. It helps us a lot! We definitely have some improvements to make on the AI, we were tweaking it down to the last few moments trying to get the right balance of aggression, and I think some of those tweaks might’ve caused some side effects =X

Also looking into the mouse sensitivity issue! We’re working on a fix for this as well.

Thanks again!

Thanks for playing, and for the kind feedback! None of us had ever done a horror game before so we decided not to stray too far from the beaten path, and instead focus on leveling up our own skills during the jam. We are all very proud =]

It worked exactly as intended, then! Well done!

This was awesome, I would encourage you to keep going with it! That movie sequence was … dang I know I had a corn pun just for this moment…

Very clever puzzle game, that once again shows the mighty superiority of dogs, and the inherent evil of cats.

I randomly picked another of your games after playing Driftwood, and found another odd horror game based on doing drugs in a rural setting. Hank, am I sensing a motif?

A lot of fun, great visuals as always, is that Linux Tux chasing me at one point or am I actually doing drugs?

Your game definitely showed me the power of on-screen prompts. After telling me to not to the drugs the first time it says “press (x) to do the drugs” i did them. not even going to lie.

Haha thanks for making this and sharing.

Moody opening lead into a Cute JRPG + VN Visuals and sort of upbeat beginning had me unprepared for the third tonal shift that came next. Great writing and interesting characters that have tons of depth and subtext. I am really interested to see where this goes next!

I appreciate all the work you put into this (that intro water effect you used was very cool!) Thank you so much for sharing!

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Thanks for the feedback Roberto! We’ll try and do better in the next jam! I apologize if it wasn’t up to your standards. I’m super pumped to try harder though!

Thanks! After playing your game I felt like kindred spirits, if you don’t mind the comparison. Thanks for the feedback, we had fun working on this one =D

I’m so glad to hear that! I’m actually a fan of this style of game generally, and I really tried to add some features I wanted in a game. It was kind of hit or miss but we had fun trying!

Thanks! It was my first time doing art I am really pleased as punch that you liked it!


For me there was something bold and “f*ck you and your speakers” about the whole thing that I couldn’t help but laugh and appreciate. I don’t know much about the author, but it reminds me of a time when I was first making games and didn’t know or care about anything, and yeah, maybe that can translate to something kind of odd and ugly and strange. I don’t know how much effort this took to create for the author, but honestly putting in the work to make something and then having the courage to put it out there into the world is my definition of badass.

I loved the art, tons of texture and ambiance. I’m pretty bad at bullet hell games, and I tried to take on that tanky fruit bowl boss four times, and I got pretty close the last time, but dang I need to up my game.

Really well done, thanks for sharing!

Gorgeous papercraft horror with a charming protagonist and fun mechanics.

In addition to having fantastic artwork, I was really impressed with the amount of polish not just visually but in terms of control, feedback, and quality of life like hints, instructions, prompts, and even NPCs.

This was a great entry with tons of flavor and style. Thanks for sharing!

A beautifully illustrated exploration of existence, meaning, and self worth while sailing to sacrifice yourself to an old god. Oh and you have a cat.

Surreal in premise but concrete in prose, this game offers some interesting choices of dialog as you sail to your suicidal doom. Short but worth it to experience the high resolution illustrations used as a backdrop to this story. There aren’t a lot of them, but what the game does have are extremely well crafted and beautiful like pages out of a favorite childhood storybook - despite the macabre subject matter.

Thanks for sharing, look forward to experiencing more!

Super cool art, and fun visual effects especially considered this is not using an out of the box engine. I love the style, animations, effects, and audio! Heeeyuuh!

Fun intro animation with full voice overs also added an additional level of polish! Well done, thanks for sharing!

This surreal psychological super lo-fi game was short and very trippy, one of the few I immediately gave a second run through after completing the first time. Not for the gameplay or the mechanics, but I wanted a second pass at listening to the dialog. A short and complete experience, definitely worth a spin.

This is one of those pieces of art where after experiencing, I want to buy the author a beer and have a sit down to chat.

Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoyed it!

Gorgeous art and effects, interesting creature design and audio make for a sufficiently creepy experience. The pseudo stealth mechanics work reasonably well, although the finicky controller had me a little frustrated at times getting stuck on sharp edges of the geometry. After abandoning stealth completely, I got much further into the game by yolo shift speedrunning past all the enemies, but was eventually confounded when I ran face first into a rocky wall and was unable to get out haha.

All in all, great fun! Thanks for sharing!

Gorgeous writing, plotting, and pacing combining humor, sadness, and compassion. The selected imagery and spartan but effective audio did just as advertised: gave me a sense of excitement and a sense of sadness and dread.

Great job, I really enjoyed this one. I look forward to sampling your other games as well! Thank you for sharing!

Visually unique, well written and characterized, rambling coming of age story. Driftword is a horror story not about monsters and ghosts and bloody serial killers, but about the sad and lonely realities of growing up, and growing apart, and facing changes as an adult for the first time. The developer has a great touch for the subtle relationships between friends who grew up close in a small town, and playing this game reminded me of the ones I made and lost along the way.

Great great stuff, I’m glad I had the chance to experience this and I am looking forward to exploring more of Hankworx’s catalog after this. It’s been a long time since I was moved emotionally by a video game, so this was a good one. Thanks for making this, and thanks for sharing!

Challenging skill based platforming? Check. Physics based platforms? Check. Water level? Check.

This game is a combination of mechanics I’m traditionally bad at in other games, but rather than make them frustrating, the developer managed to put them in a tight loop of fun and challenge that had me retrying a few dozen times. Unfortunately, my skill prevented me from reaching the shore, but in my defense I spent the last 10 minutes trying to land on the very edge of a platform, because this lets you enter a secret surfing mini-game that is almost as much fun as the actual platforming itself.

That’s all not to mention the great visuals too. Water shader is on point, and the sfx were simple but effective and most importantly not annoying (which is good because I heard the poor guy drown a couple dozen times at least).

I look forward to your other games, thanks for sharing!

Gorgeous pixel art and a 40,000 leagues under the sea vibe make this top down dungeon crawler hard not to enjoy. The artists and designers did a good job giving you that floaty underwater feel to the controls, and (intentional or not) I really enjoyed exploiting diagonals to trade accuracy in motion for faster speed. Nothing felt worse (or more deserved) than zooming through the map only to get impaled on a spike trap and being helpless as some sea creature came and cut me in half. Also kudos to the artist for that animation haha.

Definitely made with love, I look forward to more games by Dark Matter Studios. Thanks for sharing!

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Despite ripping my ears, and the game itself being fairly straightforward, the whole experience was just so damn metal I can’t help but appreciate it.

The crazy dog boat, emoji eye bleeds, and what I can only assume is the author screaming into a 10 dollar microphone and adding a bunch of postfx makes this unique offering an experience I won’t soon forget.

Badass my friend, thanks for sharing!

I love the art, especially the color selection, and the choice to use the 3d bitly was inspired. I’m afraid I wasn’t able to progress very far, enjoying the loop a few times and attempting to do things differently. Not sure if I’m missing something or if the groundhog-day-esque infinite loop was intentional, but my experience with the game definitely filled me with emotions.

Well crafted, written, animated and conceived. I look forward to more of your work. Thanks for sharing!

A straightforward game with some fun descriptions and humorous but gristly over the top deaths. Things randomly exploding, graphic gushing flesh wounds, and the like had me laughing and feeling disgusted at the same time, which is quite the feat!

I still haven’t been able to pass the test, even after attempting to brute force every combination of answers, but a good ending probably isn’t as much fun as any of the “bad” ones.

Thanks for sharing, I had a great time!

The controls were an interesting blend of old school dungeon first person dungeon crawlers mixed with old school first person shooters (free strafe, no tilt). The acceleration and deceleration on the controller felt quite good, and being so close to the surface of the water made me feel pretty fast, but restrictions on looking around gave a good challenge to dodging and maneuvering I think a fully freeform look would’ve made trivial, so nice job!

I loved the model for the boat, my compliments to the artist!

Definitely fun to zoom around and collecting coins, most of my losses were from being excessively greedy. I had a good time, thanks for sharing!

Great writing and characterization, I thought I saw where things were going but … well I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone else but it was well worth the time to read through! I don’t think I’m giving too much away by expressing disappointment at the cliffhanger, I hope to see the resolution sometime! The artwork was beautiful and charming, well done, thanks for sharing!

I love these JRPG styled games and this was a fun entry. Spoiler: I got crushed by a cannon ball more times than I care to admit.

The music and audio design was well done, and the writing was great. I definitely got a specific mood from this, I only wish there was more! (Maybe I didn’t discover everythign =O) thank you for sharing!

Super fun, controls feel good, love the way you played with gravity, and used the cryo room to make sure i knew how to interact with things before I left. The visuals were super clean, easy to follow. Also thanks for the map (… damn I should’ve added a map to my game…)

Anyway, thanks for sharing this was a great one!

Hi thanks so much for playing and letting is know about that bug! We’ve updated a new patch that includes a fix for the hole in the world, tweaks the AI, and adds an audio cue for when you’re being stalked to give you a better chance of escaping! Let us know if you have any more feedback, we really appreciate it!

I totally understand! I wasn’t intending to add any pressure, but to let you know that you have a fan, if you find that sort of thing motivating, and whatever bits or pieces you do end up making towards your bigger goal, I’m excited to see unfold!

Good luck, and thanks for sharing =D

If there’s anything I can do to help let me know!

I’m a huge fan of LotR, and I am in love with your art style. I’m really curious to see where you go with this game idea! I hope you’re still working on it, and am looking forward to playing more! Thanks for sharing~

Good luck~