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freezing movement after you open a chest seems pointless. Just an annoying feeling delay for the player.

Game looks sick. It reminds me of RCR or something.

Yeah, it works now. What was the problem?

The game seems pretty cool so far. I like the overall aesthetic of it, visually.

One little suggestion, the hitbox on your tail attack is smaller than the size of the wind animation that it generates. This perhaps "makes sense" in that dust would travel farther than the real IMPACT of the attack. But mechanically it feels off. I think it makes more sense for me to be trying to hit people with the dust effect a gauging where it's going to hit based on the sprite of the animation since I can SEE that.

I tried playing the game and it runs at what seems like 10 times normal speed for some reason.


I'm running Windows 7 still, is this not playable on old OSs or something?

Yeah, it's just in the works for now. I'm working on the first boss right now and I'm going to add more types of enemies and such as I go. I want to have a sort of Mount & Blade style recruitment thing and then you upgrade guys in levels by getting pick ups. But that's all to come.

Hehehe, well what I'm saying is that I appreciate that. My Game Pike 'n Shot is similar in that it's about the real historical concept of Pike & Shot combat and the Spanish tercios, but you fight goblins, dragons and wizards :P

Hehehe, in the actual Robin Hood legend, it's Richards brother John who is over taxing people and whom Robin Hood robs, not Richard. Richard is seen as the true King and when he returns from fighting abroad, he pardons Robin for his crimes.

But I like that your game gets it wrong, it makes it seem more like an old Japanese game that would mix up the names like that.

Also, in reality, John wasn't a bad King and the Robin Hood view of him and his reign are really unfair. Really, Richard was the worse King even though he was "heroic" always fighting wars. He bankrupted the kingdom with his constant campaigns to take over Normandy (where he was actually from). That's why John had to tax the country so much after he took over.

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This game is pretty cute so far, but the controls for this game seem kind of annoying. Why can't up just interact with stuff? Having an extra button for that and then one for shoot and one for jump seems clumsy and unnecessary. My hand is already over the arrow keys, so why not use up to do something rather than add an other button, you know?

It's just too many hard monsters at the start of the game. You used to face a lot of easy monsters at the start - things that ran away, things that spawned more guys, things that dodge you - all monsters that aren't very damaging. Now you have snakes that do a CRAZY amount of damage that you can't even avoid by leveling up or clearing a floor, you stay poisoned, plus bear traps that damage you, plus robbers that can take food or gold bags from you. It's just way too many harder monsters added.

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Between the snakes and the bear trap guys, this game is too damn hard now. I can't even beat the first floor most of the time on normal anymore.

Poison from vipers feels really brutal. I don't know if I understand why it's so punishing.

I feel like if there are multiple keys in the grid, using a key should always use the lowest down one. There has been multiple times where I have had lots of keys on screen, opened the door, and have lost keys on the bottom of the screen. This is frustrating.