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I like how lightly narrative it is and how the atmosphere helps push that.

Would you be interested in showing it off and/or talking about it a little at a dirty rectangles sometime, here in Toronto?

I still really love this game all these years later.

Eventhough you're a little too at the mercy of your rolls which can feel awful when you're unlucky sometimes, it has a great general combination of randomized/unpredictable initial problem (how your dice end up) with some room to try to adjust it (rerolls, buildings and items, etc) and then lots of choices for the player to try to figure out what their optimal action really is. Plus you've got competing objectives in that you have to worry about the end game, the next attack wave, finishing the grail in time.

It's a very solid design over all despite some minor flaws that might be fixable with just the right tuning or something.

Why's it say hunt and not hurt?

What's that supposed to mean? Hehehe

Heh, what made you guys stumble on my poor old game? 

Oh there we go


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My percentage can't go higher than 100%.

When I press f12 to render, the render is tiny and pixelated, what is wrong?


Hey Otto!

How's Puzzle Depot doing these days? I hope you can finish it one day. It's one of my favourite pushpuzz games I've ever played, really got me to appreciate the genre by making it a bit more accessible, while still being really challenging.

Oh cool, glad you tried it. I had forgotten I'd asked you. Did you stream it?

Sorry, I got burnt out on it and trying to work day jobs.
I'm working on a new little roguelike game now about moles. I'll put up a page for it eventually when I get more done (Molehill Mountain).

I might come back to this game some day, I did put a lot of work into it, and it was my first decent game design I think.

When you try to start a new game it just brings up this comic and there's no way to get past it to the game????

These jumps are so mean sometimes, lol. You gotta make them by like a millimeter!

I feel like sometimes I end up moving away or towards the camera during jumps sometimes when I don't intend to.

This runs really slow and choppy in comparison to Derek's version from 2009. Kinda sucks, man.


windows defender says it has a trojan virus in it.

I don't get it, the message says if they aren't there by 10:50, then to run, but you can't...

what are crystals for?

I sorta like how you switched around Arthur and Lancelot as Arthur being the "quest guy" makes more sense to me. Lancelot's new ability seems very appropriate to him as he is sorta like the perfect knight in the legends, but also kinda independent. So I like the idea of him being this constant six that you don't even roll.

But yeah, if you like my idea for Leo then please try it. I think it'd be cool as there is currently no "building guy".

I wonder if Percival could use a buff or not. I was thinking he would always kill one army monster per turn, regardless of if you did one of those missions. He'd be sort of like the balista, but free. I dunno who he would target though (randomly, strongest, your choice, etc). 

Maybe instead every turn, he would remove one of the dice required to complete a fighting mission of your choice?

I sorta wish missions didn't auto complete if I had the right dice on them. I had three fives on the hydra and I still had one more roll left and putting the 5 on the card finished it automatically. But then I rolled an other 5 so I could have killed the griffon. could there be a complete mission button similar to the end turn button from before that actually spent the dice to kill the card and only became active when you had the right dice on it?

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I think that Léodagan needs a buff as does Arthur. I was thinking their abilities could be moved around a bit and changed as such.

Léodagan would make it so that you can use any building (including tavern and garrison) 2x per turn. This could be any building or any 1 building if using multiple buildings 2x in one turn is too powerful.

Since Léodagan would now take over Arthur's tavern ability, Arthur would get a new, different ability. I like the idea of Arthur sort of "fighting along with his knights" and being the deciding factor in a battle or ordeal.  So my idea was that when you have Arthur, he gives you the option to complete any mission that you have all but one of the needed dice placed on the card for already.  So say you have 3 (2)s on the Gryphon, you can use Arthur to complete the card with a 4th "Arthur" dice. Using him this way would remove him as leader (he's now "in the field") and the (3) dice in the leader or tower spot would either go to the round table; go to the tavern; or maybe even is destroyed like when the black knight ability activates if the ability needs to be a little weaker.

I think these would be neat abilities cause this way you have Arthur for missions, Léodagan for buildings, and Lancelot for Quests.

Also, a different ability for Accolon if that other idea doesn't fit is that he could alternately block you from doing one quest or the other each turn. So like, blocks placing dice on the Graal on the first turn, then blocks the other quest on the 2nd turn, back and forth like that.

I play it at home on windows 7, but I have a lot of directX stuff installed because of all my XNA/monogame dev

Heroes of Camlann community · Created a new topic Ideas

Rival who is stronger if you have Excalibur?

I think they still look really similar there, I'd have mission apart from the quests instead of in the middle of them. Like have the quests off to one side, "outside of the castle" maybe.

Maybe Percival should get that power added to his power to make him better or whoever the tavern guy is?(4 I think)
Arthur could grant stars for every so many successful missions, or for any time you use 5 or more dice on a mission, or something like that.

I sort of think the tavern is a weird name for the knight recruitment area in general though. I guess it makes sense--guys passing through town would be at the tavern.

Yeah, I just didn't realize what QUESTS were. I got them confused with MISSIONS. I think they just need to be more clearly labelled/delineated in the UI (I know right now there's only bare-bone presentation . I can't wait to see the sprites for the missing rivals.). I think part of the problem was that in easier modes, there's only one quest: the Graal. So I just sort of saw that as being an action "look for the graal" not that doing so is a quest and there could be other quests. Now that I play at harder difficulties it's more obvious that quests are a category of actions.

Maybe it should look like missions are stuff that's in or right outside the gates of your castle/city and quests should look like it's sending knights away (on a boat even?) and then be clearly labeled.

The Big Wall seems very powerful and since I've started to use it, it's been very helpful. Generally I like to use anything that gets me more rolls or more dice. So Gwen, excalibur, cauldron, etc seem strong to me. I agree that spells feel a little weak to me right now, so Merlin and the spell book don't seem that useful. The market seems very useful as 1-6 gold isn't much to get the exact dice you need. Plus just building the market gets you a ton of stuff which is nice. I can't tell if Percival is good or not, he feels decent if you don't have walls since he can make all your army missions one kill stronger. Also he adds decent defense especially with armour.

Right now the most unbalanced things to me seem to be that Certain villains are way more annoying if not outright harder to face than others. Lancelot doesn't seem that bad to me as I don't use him a lot as a hero. Which ever one takes away one of your dice in the battlefield (I think Morgana?) seems to be the worst one as it straight up prevents you from completing 5 dice missions unless you have something giving you an extra dice (morning star, swords, etc). That seems way more damaging than any other villain like say the Black Knight who just kills one dice when he spawns.

The other big problem is just if you get hard to combat monsters as your first attack wave, that really screws you unfairly--like say Manticore + Gryphon.

My recent decent game. I don't know why, but I try so hard to unlock all the days even though you don't really need them.

Also, I'm not sure the brewery is giving me my gold for guys in the tavern. Do you have to use it on that turn to trigger that?

How come knights called out of the garrison with the horn can't be used for much? What's the point of it, just to get dice back for next turn?

Oh, I get Lancelot now. QUESTS are the graal and Excalibur, etc. I was getting them confused with MISSIONS.
What's Arthur actually do though? Cause more guys to collect in the tavern or something? Or does he allow more knights on the battlefield?

An other question now that I'm playing easy and not beginner.
Easy is a lot more fun than beginner by the way because you get more mechanics.
But, what does Lancelot actually do, I don't get what he does. Seems to do nothing for me. The instruction text for him doesn't mean anything to me.

I really don't like how the order of the attacks from the monsters during the game is totally randomized. If you get attacked by a unicorn early vs the manticore early, how is that fair? It just makes some runs way harder than others. Shouldn't there be certain pools for what monsters can be the first attack, second attack, etc that make sense for how far along you are at that point?

Got my first victory at beginner. I think I'm getting better? It's hard to tell. Killing stuff like the chimera or the gryphon or whatever the 4 of a kind guy is just seems like luck. I've never killed Mordred. Figuring out that finishing the graal quest gets me a lot of knights back helped a lot though.

The behaviour of the tavern seems buggy though, or I just don't get it. Sometimes it'll let me roll guys I get from it on the same turn, other times no?

Ooh I see, you can LOCK dice down so they don't get rolled. Seems kinda awkward though. I'd rather just take the dice off the mission that isn't going to work and then sub it out.

I really like the overall concept as I'm a big board game nerd. I'm not sure I totally get the flow of the game yet though. Getting the right dice to beat big monster just seems like dumb luck. Can you change your mission once you select one, if it's not turning out as you roll?

Heroes of Camlann community · Created a new topic bug

Pressing up to get to the missions and then pressing down got me to a blank screen.

freezing movement after you open a chest seems pointless. Just an annoying feeling delay for the player.

Game looks sick. It reminds me of RCR or something.

Yeah, it works now. What was the problem?

The game seems pretty cool so far. I like the overall aesthetic of it, visually.

One little suggestion, the hitbox on your tail attack is smaller than the size of the wind animation that it generates. This perhaps "makes sense" in that dust would travel farther than the real IMPACT of the attack. But mechanically it feels off. I think it makes more sense for me to be trying to hit people with the dust effect a gauging where it's going to hit based on the sprite of the animation since I can SEE that.

I tried playing the game and it runs at what seems like 10 times normal speed for some reason.


I'm running Windows 7 still, is this not playable on old OSs or something?