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A topic by James Edward Smith created Nov 20, 2018 Views: 167 Replies: 4
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Rival who is stronger if you have Excalibur?


I love it.  Excalibur may become an optional quest later ( 2x quests will be GRAAL + random quest ) but I can easily remove Accolon from the boss list if excalibur is not in the quest list.

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I think that Léodagan needs a buff as does Arthur. I was thinking their abilities could be moved around a bit and changed as such.

Léodagan would make it so that you can use any building (including tavern and garrison) 2x per turn. This could be any building or any 1 building if using multiple buildings 2x in one turn is too powerful.

Since Léodagan would now take over Arthur's tavern ability, Arthur would get a new, different ability. I like the idea of Arthur sort of "fighting along with his knights" and being the deciding factor in a battle or ordeal.  So my idea was that when you have Arthur, he gives you the option to complete any mission that you have all but one of the needed dice placed on the card for already.  So say you have 3 (2)s on the Gryphon, you can use Arthur to complete the card with a 4th "Arthur" dice. Using him this way would remove him as leader (he's now "in the field") and the (3) dice in the leader or tower spot would either go to the round table; go to the tavern; or maybe even is destroyed like when the black knight ability activates if the ability needs to be a little weaker.

I think these would be neat abilities cause this way you have Arthur for missions, Léodagan for buildings, and Lancelot for Quests.

Also, a different ability for Accolon if that other idea doesn't fit is that he could alternately block you from doing one quest or the other each turn. So like, blocks placing dice on the Graal on the first turn, then blocks the other quest on the 2nd turn, back and forth like that.


Oh I didnt see this post...

I'm interested in Leo ability you described I will probably try it. For Arthur it seems a bit complicated ( It would be the only clickable hero ) and I also feel it may be broken. Sacrifice would be a good option but maybe not for arthur. At this point I think maybe we should create more than 6 heroes ( unlockable ?  ) and let the advanced player design his own hero table. I'm thinking about it  ( I also want a hero around money mechanic  etc )

I'll try to add Accolon on the next version. Maybe with your first ability version.  This one would be like not using quest every 2 turns because I guess very few player do 2 quests at the same time.

I sorta like how you switched around Arthur and Lancelot as Arthur being the "quest guy" makes more sense to me. Lancelot's new ability seems very appropriate to him as he is sorta like the perfect knight in the legends, but also kinda independent. So I like the idea of him being this constant six that you don't even roll.

But yeah, if you like my idea for Leo then please try it. I think it'd be cool as there is currently no "building guy".

I wonder if Percival could use a buff or not. I was thinking he would always kill one army monster per turn, regardless of if you did one of those missions. He'd be sort of like the balista, but free. I dunno who he would target though (randomly, strongest, your choice, etc). 

Maybe instead every turn, he would remove one of the dice required to complete a fighting mission of your choice?