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That was a pretty cool experience. I have only one recommendation. Would be very nice to have that rear camera pulled back just a bit to see the full Enterprise and maybe to have a small amount of damping on the camera when I yaw or roll. The other camera angles were great, I could almost recreate the flyby in the show's intro.

Thanks man!

I spent my "off day" today modeling the hero character's shoe. It's based off of an old school Converse All Star shoe. As you can see in the progression of the images I start out by drawing splines for the more complex curvature and then create polygons between them using a lofting technique. Eventually it builds up a nice model. Tomorrow I might find time to do the texturing portion and make this look like a real shoe!

Please feel free to follow development @

Yeah I am definitely not happy I don't have any to post up yet. I haven't started on any artwork other than the title logo. I do however have footage on YouTube videos for the dev log. Maybe I can embed a Youtube video or a few on there for the time being? I'm new to this platform so I don't know it's full power.

You really have to drive people to your download. It's a destination business, not so much an impulse based business model. VR games are going to dramatically decrease your audience regardless. You're already marketing to a small pool of folks who would potentially play your game. You've went and decreased that 50x fold requiring a VR headset. The adoption for those is mainly other developers, not so much average Joe gamer.

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You are the person who's site I found doing research the other night. Your chiptune soundtracks will fit very nicely with the 80's theme of one of my main projects. Thank you for putting all of that work into your web site.

I did experience what I thought was a small bug. I went under deck and the audio changed to an "under deck" ambient audio sound. (sounds of water lapping the hull). I returned to the top deck and the "under deck" audio was still playing up top. Sounded a bit strange.

Well done. Even though it looks good in 2D there is some serious potential to maybe sell a 3D version of this on the Asset Store.

This is a wonderful demo. Hope you guys get this fleshed out into a full game.

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One of my favorite parts of Resident Evil 7 were the mannequins upstairs. This definitely has my interest.

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Hi everyone. I've started about a month ago on a project I really wanted to do. It's called The Answer is Never! and its set in 1988 in a small town in America. It's a story-based adventure game that uses skateboarding as the glue to tell the story. It will have free play options to practice tricks and explore and it will have a core story mode. Check out the development page and comment in the community with a post. I'm curious to hear thoughts or even ideas about what might be missing in a game like this. Check out some of the YouTube development vlogs to see what it currently looks like.

I am using a few software tools for development. Mainly I am using Unity 5.65 as the core engine (in C#),  Autodesk 3ds Max for model building, Substance Painter and Photoshop for texturing the models. I am using Audacity for audio editing, BMFont for working with UI text and OBS Studio for capturing development videos.

Thank you for spending some time checking out my post.