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Any change to get the binary native app? 

less problems: binary edition, if you can please?

nice to play! cute design! a bit of incidental back music could not be bad. dro pa me a msg. :D :D free coops.

No full screen? :(

The rest is superb...but tiny and hard to see.

Anyone make it work with Trinus ? (a Wifi streamer of certain areas of the screen to a mobile with corrected lens gear)


thanks for making life simplier with one file deploys. :D :D 

LOVELY! goes on and on til you got nervous and you waste all the balls... Minimal as hell. :D :D nah.

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This is un-common deploy. Typically it's just a single ZIP with  :

 \CarobJack_Data\ and the CarobJack_Data.exe at the same level.

Could the Try Again be just an event like "hit any key" ? please? 

I must grab the mouse every time and click on the button.

The game is minimal, and works.

Apreciate feed. Thanks. it's just the prototype, a probe.

Must think about rewards and other mechanics.

Just a generic-digital-USB gamepad, like this model for instance:

See? no brand on it, cheap and no analogue stick at all. :D 

Better wait till the voting it's over, not sure if it's allowed to upload in-jam updates.

That will be not fair.

digital USB game pads.

There's no specific start , pause or whatover. Every button is generic and let the app to map or assume its existence.

This model for instance:

Minimalistic, right. The music... :/ something more dramatic or intriguing, lo-fi hearted :D

Do I need to restart with zero collected colors?

Bad deploy.... 

There should be 'CarobJack_Data'
folder next to the executable

Nothing happens, only this : the music starts, and no blue player one-block. :(



WELL done Patrick i've been riseN :D

It's like Portal but with only cubes and no deaths.


:D :D :D



It's about that I've mentionede earlier, seems the only way to jump onto, is when the box is stuck rotating: voilà! NOW this gets insteresting... jmmmmh the minimal FPS ever made.


push, grab, and throw...but you actually cannot jump enough high to...ANYWHERE so player stays stuck all the time at the floor. Probably the goal is to let the box pull you up in it's falling rotation, right before you push it, instead of trying to jump on it.

No JRE-JVM here. and cannot install it. :( looks promising.

Really nice! Note that the Up -axis control for the gamepad (digital) does not work by default. I must have to use the UP arrow on the keyboard!

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The design and the art are quite awesome!  Just, detail: a Fullscreen mode will focus me  perfectly in that Dark Place you're trying to put me in. 

A bit of random mono-tonal subtle harmonic-procedural background music will not harm neither. This game is a nice start.

Two regular gamepads here (digital).

I press (1) button, and...the game closes.

Really a Xbox gamepad is required? 

I assume the boat movement is kind of analog precission, right?

emm...ok, I've got two gamepads connected, fully operational.

I press any button, and main menu is gone, the message:  PRESS Start to JOIN and a black rectangular at the 3/4 bottom of the screen.

Windows 10. What controller setup do you exactly use to play?

So you have to push other player off the screen or make them fall. Until only stands a winner.

Looks pretty promissing, also the music chiptune's style is great.

I'm alone in my flat, so...I'm going to pretend to plug another gamepad and play.

Anyway! i'm going to rate it high! nice idea.

no Java VM here... :(  Not installing it.

Hey! No controller, keyboard straight. Using Windows 10

This is hard!

Nice GFX, funny music. Mechanics are simple and effective, though the controls response is a bit unpolished and rough.

TOP! This is totally minimalistic and awesome RPG dungeon adventure with just balls and lines and a bit of text. Total!

Went down the first hole, shoot and break the first 3 ice walls...and then my own bullet got frozen in the air, and cannot go on shooting and breaking the other two walls, stuck there, like forever. Frozen bullet. The music, and the rest, looks good, and funny.

Thanks for the 3-tier Binary Unity Builds!!!  HTML5WebGL is just CRAP! Requires more resources and CPU. JS/browsers sucks not my machine :/

The 3-tier desktop binaries anytime? :D thanks in advance.

Now! this is it! full screen and better game experience! cheers man

Well, sorry, seems like the same thing.

The browser bars and tabs, overlays, and everything around is ruinning my game experience.

I do not admit playing a game like this :

A little confusing how to assign a clip to a slot.

MIDI suport : there's a nice and magical and light library called Sanford MIDI to "listen" to midi devices and trigger the samples.

Regarding the no-save issue, if using .NET take a look at the .Serialize interfaces it offers, allowing you to save entire objects without typing any aditional line of code.