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Yes...maybe it's a dificult task each platform has its icons, and a diferent way to sign executales and pack resources. A windows would be the less effort binary as my expertice tells me. I even made a little review here :

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A native binary will be much apreciatted. please..please. Since you're using Unity is just a few clicks aways to build it.

Have you ever thought about evolving this? add more levels, enemies, goals, weapons, plot,... I can help.

A more misterious selectable soundtrack style could not harm anyone, from the same composer we have this creepy  dungeon mood :

...and can we say Antiriad now? :D :D Great gfx and work!

here on Windows10 can't use a USB game pad. 

is this a demo only issue or it's a keys game ? thanks.

Intrigued about the rendering system details: is this a voxel projector?

it look great! the sound inmersion is perfect!

still stuck in the wavvy castle, any hints? i want my money back!! :D :D 

got stuck in the chained-double-jump on the near blue rings to get to the teleporter, I have not enough patience.

10 design

10 music and FX

10 playability

I've configured "update microsoft upgrade" as block words on my firewall rules. So no problems here. Thanks anyway.

this is hilarious...think I'm gonna love this one.

love the deploy and optimization. SFML? SDL ? C++ ?

sorry to report, thsi is weird. I launch the binary, and just a VHS tape on screen, like the .EXE icon, then I click several times, then all sounds of tape insert, and then sound of taps, while I'm clicking using the mouse. BLACK screen with the VHS tape in the center all the way. no game. BUG??? Using intel i5 - 16Gb ram, and Intel Graphics HD 530

Thanks for answering and clarifying things. Pleased to help/test anything, I'm a computer engineer degree so C++/C# it's like my second language. I do not have yet enough time to put my hands deep on Unreal/Unity thought.

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ABSOLUTELY massive! This is worth a 12$ greenlight on Steam.

+The originallity of the concept.

+The atmosphere of free exploration and at the same time a sense of unknown inminent danger.

+Everything is dark,weird, but at the same time morbid and your design in the gameplay level system attracts the attention: it's a puzzle? I'm gonna dye now? what if I fall again? why I'm eroding the sand? are those hands going to harm me? 

+Every step is a constant mistery, not obvious and intriguing.

+Lovely disgusting.

I take my time, to do some testing on several machines:

CRASHES with dialog telling it has to crash : 

*nvidia GTX 1060 drivers version 441.20 direct3D api 11

WORKS ok and perfect framerate: 

*nvidia GTX 750 Ti drivers version 388.13 direct3D api 12

Are you saving a crash.log somewhere, and I can send it to you?

Might it be the d3D API version 11 or 12? 

Critics: The music AI is not as perfect and the music cuts and ambient loops do not serve the invisible "companion" story-teller purpose they should be, hence you notice the music. In my opinion the overall sensation is that the music is "imposted". The moments it works it's marvelous, it gives you hints of where to go to exit next level. But as I've said, the transitions, ambient-event loops or the music-AI needs a bit of rework.

Game dev in progress...(includes devLog


A metaphysical survival game based on the theorical experiment sugested by the phisycist Erwin Schrödinger.

Avoid dangerous quantic phenomenas inside the box, try to scape the paradox by exiting the box and spawn to another iteration of yourself inside a loop. 

Watchout the time is ticking countdown, avoid the moment the observer opens the box, then you'll (probably) be dead.

All your base are belong to us!

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This is fun. Down arrow cursor cuts the thrust after you hit something, helping in the recovering maneuvers. 

Funny to see that collision moment at almost the speed of light, then you waste all the regular tank turning the impact force into forward movement force, 1 minute of zero thrust... LOL LOL

Very funny, some point I reach hyperspeed acceleration, and colliding to UFO MARS?

nice idea, this was fun! : no music/sound????

Any change to get the binary native app? 

less problems: binary edition, if you can please?

nice to play! cute design! a bit of incidental back music could not be bad. dro pa me a msg. :D :D free coops.

No full screen? :(

The rest is superb...but tiny and hard to see.

Anyone make it work with Trinus ? (a Wifi streamer of certain areas of the screen to a mobile with corrected lens gear)


thanks for making life simplier with one file deploys. :D :D 

LOVELY! goes on and on til you got nervous and you waste all the balls... Minimal as hell. :D :D nah.

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This is un-common deploy. Typically it's just a single ZIP with  :

 \CarobJack_Data\ and the CarobJack_Data.exe at the same level.

Could the Try Again be just an event like "hit any key" ? please? 

I must grab the mouse every time and click on the button.

The game is minimal, and works.

Apreciate feed. Thanks. it's just the prototype, a probe.

Must think about rewards and other mechanics.

Just a generic-digital-USB gamepad, like this model for instance:

See? no brand on it, cheap and no analogue stick at all. :D 

Better wait till the voting it's over, not sure if it's allowed to upload in-jam updates.

That will be not fair.

digital USB game pads.

There's no specific start , pause or whatover. Every button is generic and let the app to map or assume its existence.

This model for instance:

Minimalistic, right. The music... :/ something more dramatic or intriguing, lo-fi hearted :D

Do I need to restart with zero collected colors?

Bad deploy.... 

There should be 'CarobJack_Data'
folder next to the executable

Nothing happens, only this : the music starts, and no blue player one-block. :(



WELL done Patrick i've been riseN :D

It's like Portal but with only cubes and no deaths.


:D :D :D



It's about that I've mentionede earlier, seems the only way to jump onto, is when the box is stuck rotating: voilà! NOW this gets insteresting... jmmmmh the minimal FPS ever made.