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Now! this is it! full screen and better game experience! cheers man

Well, sorry, seems like the same thing.

The browser bars and tabs, itch.io overlays, and everything around is ruinning my game experience.

I do not admit playing a game like this :

A little confusing how to assign a clip to a slot.

MIDI suport : there's a nice and magical and light library called Sanford MIDI to "listen" to midi devices and trigger the samples.

Regarding the no-save issue, if using .NET take a look at the .Serialize interfaces it offers, allowing you to save entire objects without typing any aditional line of code.

Hello! sorry, but.

Take a look at the below image. [*]

I'm at 1280x720 and don't like the browser's: bars, tabs,scroll bars, and the wrong feeling and scaling of the thing. The gameplay is ruined...like...ruined?¿

It's Unity, so could you release the binaries please? please...?¿

[*] https://photos.app.goo.gl/Iii3B9u8bxp8sjI23

Thanks! nice one

NICE animation! music is lovely. FX are working good,.

Win7, no problems, fullscreen ok. Alt+F4

1P : AS  GH



My newphew already loves it! 

Hey! eSET antivirus detected the exe as a Trojan! Can you verify?

THANKS!!! love!!! thanks thanks !

I would love a full glory fullscreen mode, plus all my browsers run sluggish. it's Unity, please, could your release the desktop binaries? please?

Beatifully crafted. Neat binary data packing.  nice sound&music

fullscreen in full glory!!! looks great!

Difficulty is utterly excessive! hard to cath the rythm.

Tthe sprite design reminds me Desperado (Topo Soft/Spectrum) and Navy Seals (Ocean) 

Hoorray for the sound FX fidelity to a 8-bit plugged to a TV . A bit of music in certain moments would been nice.

Adjusting the difficulty curve would be a nice final touch.

good work! hope you win!

Awesome GFX, animation, sound FX engineering, music, and overall concept is pretty original. A time attack against _everything_! Interesting entry. well...a fullscreen mode would been much more than appropiate for a binary release.

OH1BTW! HEROIC! no gamemaker , no unity, no unreal, ...SDL OpenAL and LUA. YES!!! 

Nice idea! though Fails on the fullscreen/pixelPerfect . Bosses, diferent waves,etc.. not the purpose of the JAM. I liked it!


a bit of music does not hurt anyone...


great actual fullscreen treatment, MUSIC catchie and cute! addictive! very playable! 

Fun!! tahnks!

Great... "You are unable to rate this game because you have not submitted your own entry. You can leave a comment below though."

nice idea! The fonts, the music, the fx.

Sweet movement. and the GFX are quite nostalgia!! pixel perfecto!

GREAT! how do I vote?

SERIOUSLY... This game JAM needs a technical winner and is THIS game. NOW, this is programming the real thing.

FUNNY!!!!! and....short! LOVE the sound and animation, the transition between stages and menu, quite cool! thanks!

Black window. nothing. Just music and the speech. full screen does no work.  Looks promising!

the controls are a bit tricky, but it copes. Missing a bit of ..mid-tempo BG music.

smooth scroll, cinematics, animation and movements.

Nice idea! though Fails on the fullscreen/pixelPerfect . Bosses, diferent waves,etc.. not the purpose of the JAM. I liked it!


Wich technology do you use? GameMaker? lime.ndll, std.dll C++? Custom cross-platform-engine?

Thank you for minding about the resolution and aspect ratios.

Spectrum 8bits glory in car-apocalitpse!

OK... NOW a DLC with a Trump mod... pleeeeeease

Morbidly addictive!!! we love it!