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Thanks so much for stopping by, John! It seems in your case no sounds were bugged, that's a relief. We have yet to discover why some players have no issues and others miss only on the regular "safe" footsteps. Yes, we did want to add some more variety, but alas, time... You know how it is XD  We'll keep it in mind though!

Thank you for trying the game and leaving feedback!

I'm assuming you couldn't hear your own footsteps except when treading on water. That doesn't technically impede gameplay but it's obviously very disconcerting since you don't get any feedback you are walking. Could I please ask what OS and browser do you use?

It's a known bug we're working on, though we hoped it would only affect a minority of players. I see it's more prevalent than we thought, unfortunately. We wrote a short devlog post about it, but I see it doesn't show up here on the jam page.

Hopefully we'll find the cause as soon as possible. I very much appreciate you letting us know it didn't work properly on your end.

The festive music really fits the "Spring is here!" mood. It gets harder and harder, waking up the last 3 was fiendish. I feel lucky to have found this in April <3

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Hey good game!

I didn't know about the Boss Rush Jam but found this on the Trijam Discord server. Have only played up to the 2nd form of the Desert boss, but feels polished and fun. Don't know if it was the case for all entries in the Boss RushJam, but it's great to be able to use the controller.

Thank you for your very detailed feedback.

We did intend on centering the game about the exploration of the deceased’s life. My absolute inexperience with Renpy scripting made us lose a lot of time and we had to cut so much.

Multiplying the choices sounds like a great idea. I had to drop my idea for clicking items and an inventory system, but giving more dialogue choices is both easier to script while also being fun.

We did intend on updating this so if you’re curious please do drop by in say two weeks. I’ll make sure to update the devlog too when we release a new version.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Hey, this is well done! Graphics might be a bit gray, but it's fun.
You almost managed to do it under 3 hours too, pretty cool.
Maybe you could colour the letters for each category so as it is obvious if you need to pick which one: Electronics, Books... first. And maybe add a few moving obstacles to increase variety.

Gameplay was good, fun little experience.

Interesting, and you managed to pull this in 3 hours.
I think the fun factor could be imoproved if you add variety: have the apple & pear shape to the left and have the fruits falling (ie: vertically), and also different speeds and moving them randomly a little bit to the left and right. Still, good entry.
PS: I love your user name.

This was fun. Great concept, good execution and entertainment. I'm wondering if for sake of scoring fairness it wouldn't be better to remove randomization of objects, since some take less space and are easier to place than others.

Yeah, it's quite tough to pack in content with only 3 hours. 
I personally went way over time and my game barely has any content, lol.

Hey gameplay is pretty tight!
If anything, it got hard pretty quick, lol.
Quite replayable and enjoyable, thx.

Wow, difficulty is pretty brutal, ha ha.

It was fun, if unforgiving for my slow reflexes. You managed to do it in under 3 hours too, well done.

I quite liked the surreal setting.

Short experience, but I had fun while it lasted.

Hey this is cool!
I guess not all games need to be action or strategy experiences. Cute and relaxing.

This has surprising depth for a game jam. Great job doing it in 3 hours.

I laughed, I had fun with the controls, it fits the theme, you did it in under 3 hours. Great submission.

Could you pls post some brief instructions?
I couldn't figure how to play on my own.

I enjoyed this. Nokias back in the day were insanely tough, and you have an accurate screen... including its resolution?!

It's true that a score and varying the Nokia's moving speed would spice things up. Still, as it is, it's funny and worth a try. Thumbs up.

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I had fun!
Music is groovy, did you compose it yourself?
Mood and controls work well.
If i could change only one thing, I would suggest changing the colour to others as you progress. Red for all levels might be a bit aggresive.
That's it bud! ;-)

58 meters!
Interesting execution of the theme, and cute visuals and music. No wonder you placed well in the jam, nice job

I did consider during dev having a bullet stack with 20-30 instead of 8, so it would make it easier for the player to drag them. Then I saw the implementation and was like "Our programmer is a thoughtful guy. He left one spare!" 

Thanks for stopping by Drentsoft! Not to give too much away, but indeed reloading often is one of the strategies I use to go for the high score.

¡Gracias por dejarte caer, Sara!
Impressive level of polish you achieved in 72 hours. Frenzied typing, banger soundtrack and cool art. Great fun and inspiration.

I've gone the single user route. Thanks again.

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Thank you for the responses and mentioning the pros and cons.
In my case I don't mind so much using my real name as a developer but I'd rather be an anonymous gamer. Also, since I'm likely to be on different dev teams in different jams, I can't use something like "Jojo Games", I need a real name or pseudonym.

I'm seriously considering creating a dedicated user to publish my games, on game jams etc.
Do you recommend keeping your gamer user and your developer users separate?

Obviously it's a 1st world problem, but since I will probably keep using it for 5-10 years...

Thank you!

Hi! Looks good, but will there ever be an sale?
Regularly on sale on Steam, but never here...

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Thank you!

GOG would have been ideal since that's the version I already own. But if their revision process is cumbersome, I'll keep an eye to possibly re-buy the game here during a sale. Thanks again.

Would it be possible to have it on GOG too as unsupported bonus content? (I saw your reply about the Steam version.) Like for example quite a few of the SNK games there on GOG: they are listed as Windows only but include a Linux version in the goodies, along with the disclaimer "Please note: macOS and Linux versions are provided as unsupported bonus content."  Shock Troopers, Metal Slug, Twinkle Star Sprites...

I totally get sometimes Linux can be difficult to support, but now that Anodyne 2 is out it would be cool having the 1st one DRM-free on Linux too, with the same "unsupported" disclaimer. Thank you for your consideration.

If I might humbly suggest, it would make sense to lower the price while the game is included in special bundles (many developers do during Humble Bundles).
Case in point, right now the Anime Rhapsody Bundle is pretty cheap and includes Four Horsemen, while there isn't even a 10% discount here or on Steam... Not telling you how to price your games, but I tend to avoid buying bundles (except Humble) because I prefer directly supporting the developers whose games I want to play, not having the revenue being split between 10 creators when I'm only going to play one or two of the games. But if the game remains full price it's hard to justify the standalone purchase.