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Yes tax the rich! 

Y'all struck gold with this one this is such a good puzzle game. And the polish is so so good

What an excellent game! 

This is a really great game! Glad that you implemented the movement to be confined to a grid, would be really tough to figure out without it. Only complaint is the sound effects are very aggressive/jarring, but that's an easy fix if you were to continue developing this in the future :) 

Magnet shoes are super cool, unfortunately I had a bit of difficulty with the buggy controls 

Love the art and colors, very beautiful!

The lose screen brings me so much joy

Really cool mechanic! Would love to see this continue to be polished, very nice foundation here.

Love the concept and the art style, nice job!

Hey come on now, let's be supportive here

This art is some of the best I've seen! Great job for your second Unity game, such a lovely little chicken world that's been made here. 

This is a really great premise and you executed it super well for what's in the game. I'd love to see more levels, and maybe try snapping the character movement to a grid so it's easier to line up while pushing the anchor. 

Reminded me a bit of Baba is You in all good ways :) 

I liked the concept and the art style a great deal, but found the mirroring to be very tough to wrap my head around. All in all very lovely game!

Yaaaaaay turtles!

Really cool concept! Love how the turtles look when they're joined together :) 

love the vines and pumpkin fella! looks great!

This is a beautiful experience in every way. So poetic and peaceful and visually stunning. Gotta finish my queue so I can come back and rate this properly

Just scored 8555 points and collected 115 passengers which is def a personal best

Woah this is cool. The controls for the player UFO feel really nice and the explosion effects are really satisfying. Nice job!

Very cool concept for a puzzle platformer! Nice combination of mechanics

The art style and character design is super duper cool

Love seeing another game that was vehicularly inspired by the theme! Great job!

Great job on the explosion effect and the art style overall! 

I really dig this mechanic, bummer the teleporting bug is getting the way of playability, but I do hope you can patch it and keep going with it, it's a super fun idea!

The art looks great! You've created a really beautiful underwater world, wish I could keep on exploring it!

The voice acting and windy desert soundscape were both the icing on the cake here, really fun idea!

Woah this is super cool! Lining up a combo across enemies is super satisfying! Feels like a really unique concept and it's super well-executed.

Very cool that it was made in Pico8! That double pendulum can lead to some really chaotic interactions, super cool mechanic. 

I did have some trouble picking up on the controls, maybe color-coding the different parts of the pendulum/clock hands and having the control buttons referenced in the corner of the screen may make it easier to pick up and play without the learning curve.

Great job!

I came, I shaw, I conquered

This reminds me a bit of the classic arcade game Qix, but with the addition of a gun that spices things up a bunch. I also really like the use of a grid here to add some structure to the playfield, might be cool if there were bonus points given to the player for making closed squares/rectangles. Music is also a nice mood setter!

Wow this is great, love this mechanic! Big shoutout to how well structured the levels are to act as a built-in tutorial.

Looks great but could use more rickshaw action in it!