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Thanks for playing! If you have any advice for improvement, you can comment it here.

That is what I'm thinking. Its ok to give feedback.

About that, I'm gonna try to make the last level local multiplayer, but I don't know if I can. I'll have to do some researching on how you can make multiplayer games with pygame.

   ZombieOut is an endless survival game where you need to think how you handle each situation. Ammo cost money, and money can be picked up when you killed a zombie; but not if the zombie touched your wall. There are currently no special zombies (fast zombie, fat zombie, etc...). You can play ZombieOut here.

(PS: This is my first game, made with Python using Pygame.)

Thanks for playing! I'll check your video up later. I might or might not update this game though. I'm not sure. Again, thanks for playing!

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Hey, I'm WahhJ0sh, I am currently learning Python by making games using Pygame. I'm trying my best to do pixel art since I like how hard and cool pixel art looks. I'm releasing my new game later. I just published my first game. You can follow me on Twitter and on Youtube.