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it is a bug that people with AMD graphics cards are having. i am on an i7 and it is still unplayable.

as of right now, it seems like you are just not allowed to have an AMD graphics card (bug that makes it unplayable)

oddly no. Just raft. But then again, idk if WOW, LOL, swtor, mine craft, hearthstone, ect would count as intensive graphics:-/

Why has the water bug for AMD graphic card users still not fixed? yeah, shark floating or spear glitch is annoying, but the water bug is literally game breaking for AMD players.

maybe you have a 32 bit operating system?

nope, that is about right. lol

based on many other replies under the bug sub, it would appear that anyone (including myself) with an AMD graphics card are currently unable to play the game due to the water freaking out.

says "AMD Radeon Graphics / AMD Catalyst Control Center" under what controls it. as far as lag, just struggle into the options and turn the water display settings down all the way and that will fix your lag.

i'm running this on an Alienware M17xR3 with an intel core I7 with an intel HD graphics 3000....sigh....on an AMD configuration.

I think you are right. mine looks just like your picture..


this is exactly my problem and is still doing it. zero idea how to fix it still.


yeah, i snooped around and it seems that anyone downloading the game for the 1st time after the update this morning is having this issue

i am having the same issue, what did u do to fix it?

is this a bug? sorry for poor potato quality.

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link for vid - warning, was filmed on a potato

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i'm not sure if this is a bug or something else. i just downloaded the game for the 1st time an hour or so ago and nothing i do nor how many times i delete it and re-download it, the skybox or maybe the water is freaking out but it is unplayable for me. (making a video now, one moment)