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what are the requirements for the game raft?

A topic by alexxplayyz created Feb 04, 2017 Views: 3,256 Replies: 7
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i need to see the requirements to this game to know i i can run it!

as of right now, it seems like you are just not allowed to have an AMD graphics card (bug that makes it unplayable)

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The AMD card thing is false, I'm playing with an AMD Radeon card right now. The requirements are fairly light, to be honest; even with an older card like the R7 260X I can run it with a near smooth 60FPS on the highest graphics setting, if I had a better processor I would probably be running it at 60FPS without any stutter.

So, in short, as long as you have a fairly modern GFX card and a decent CPU you can run it with little issue. It doesn't consume a great deal of RAM either.

The "game breaking issue" with AMD cards is probably just out of date drivers or something of that nature. You should, at the very least have driver version 16.6.

lags really bad - please help - tried all settings and it does not move smoothl - the smaller the resolution the better it moves but still really choppy - also tried all FPS and Booster apps - still not fast enough - hope i can get this working for my kid

Win10 x64 Home

Intel Pentium Processor CPU G2030 3 GH

4gb RAM

Intell HD Graphics card for a touch screen desktop

Buy a real dedicated graphics card rather than trying to play games with integrated graphics chip.


I play with Radeon R9 380 and 100+ fps ;D

I have:

GT 730 (Overclocked; Core Clock at 820 and Memory Clock at 550[I didn't change any voltage settings])

i7 860 (2.80 GHz)


I play on this settings:

720p (1280x720) / Water Quality:Lowest / Graphics Quality: Fastest / Anti-aliasing, Sun Shafts and Ambient Occlusion turned off

And I can get something between 24 - 28 FPS (Average: 27). But it's still playable.

i have core i7 3612QM laptop and dedicated gpu is amd radeon hd 7670m 1gb.
cant play on lowest settings 1280x760 and i only got 9fps max. but i saw on youtube it can play on intel hd 4000 1280x760 on 25-30fps.
why is it i can only have max 9fps even though radeon hd 7670m is way much faster than intel hd 4000. i can even play CoD MW3 1080p highest settings at 30-40fps. but this game i only got 9fps max. please help me!