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Very impressive indeed BASIC nicely presented I even managed to jump over some snakes!

Yep really like this one very playable:)

Yeah that's not a bad idea see if I can implement it.

This is really superb stuff ! Immersive and fun :)

Love it and it's not that slow either well done, I tried writing a snake game from scratch ages ago it's harder than it looks :)

Needs a bit of info on what to do exactly ? Looks pretty neat otherwise  :)

Just use 6 7 8 9 0 and it would make it Sinclair Interface 2 joystick compatible :)

Yep that part needs work, what you can do though is if you hit the ball while holding left or right the ball does go diagonal like a slice. Cheers

F=mg ftw :)

The gravity part I understand no problem (physics teacher), the trick is the OVER 1 but how do you not leave a trail on the intro screen I don't see in the code below where you erase the trail.

Ok I'm pretty flummoxed how do you do that bouncing ball thing on the intro screen ? It's not tile based movement and there is no trail or flickering mighty impressive :)

i just gave it a go, love it ! I love the physics. It's quite speedy and totally playable definitely add this to the jam :)

First game came out pretty quickly because I'd kind of started when the jam was first posted to wos as something else hence I changed it to what it is and much happier with it. I'm still struggling with the second one in trying to get it to run fast enough to be reasonably playable.

I think the reason was that I hadn't published it. It was still in draft, fixed now. I'm new to so it's ok :)


I uploaded my game last night called Attribute Smash ! It doesn't seem to show up on the splash page of the jam.