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Pretty fun game! Liked the barrel too, thought it was the most fun to set up barrel traps and detonate them.

Yeah there’s randomness involved with the monster spawns...Originally I had some mechanics where your weapons would jam over time but didn’t have time to get them implemented and tested :)

Fun game! Simple but well executed, had fun learning how to progress by 'driving backwards' and other strategies.

Thanks much! Will take a look at your game whenever I have a minute :)

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Fun concept! Simple to pick up and liked having multiple levels with different challenges! Would like to have had the option to invert controls for this kind of flying game, but I know a lot of folks prefer the opposite. Also liked the music, thought it fit the theme really well!

Thanks! Will check out your game too!

I ran out of time to put attack prep sounds on the fish demons :/

Hi - yes there will be a Linux version, just need to get that build tested.

Steam release should be in about 2 weeks, around Nov 25.

Hello - after 6 years in solo development, my Kickstarted game is now in early access! Contract Work is a 2d cyberpunk roguelike with  unique stealth or shoot gameplay, a little 'Contra meets Metal Gear Solid'. I'll be providing content updates throughout early access including new weapons, hack programs, upgrades and enemies. Excited to share the game with you and get your feedback on what I should add next!

Get it here:

New OSX build uploaded - please give it a try if you have a minute, thanks!

Ok thanks for the heads up, will try creating a new build for OSX.