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Hey there, just fyi I've added the cell size slicing feature, plus it also no longer exports empty sprites. Give it a go when you get a chance and let me know if that is what you were looking for.

Thanks for reporting this, I'll take a look at see what I can do to speed it up

Hey thanks for the donation and detailed feature suggestion, it's a great idea i'll take a look at implementing that

I finally got around to adding the suffix, the download image is updated, thanks again for the suggestion!

Doh, the clue lies in 'suffix', I should have read your post better :-). Good suggestion, I'll add that in.

Hi, it's not immediately obvious in the software but if you select a few sprites, e.g. the idle sprites, you can type 'idle' in the file name prefix field and the app will assign that prefix to those sprites when it writes them out. You can do this for any one or more of the sprites in the sheet, so for example all the left facing characters you can select and set the prefix to 'left' and the output will be left_0.png, left_1.png, left_2.png etc.  Does that cover what you are referring to?

Thanks for reporting this, I've fixed the bug

I've updated the software to include the following:

  1. Bug fix for large sprite sheet reported by Girkov Apra
  2. Now accepts image files via drag and drop
  3. Whilst the application is slicing sprites, displays progress in a status message plus a cancel button
  4. Displays a grid over the image to serve as a slicing guide

Thanks for the report and the test content, Girkov. I'm trying to replicate this issue using the LPC Fruit Trees content but the app doesn't freeze, I will try a few other large sprite sheets and if I can reproduce the error I will issue an update asap.

A comprehensive set of phrases, words, letters and numbers entirely software generated for authentic robot speech, contains 568 audio files.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, glad the software helped you.

Thank you so much!

You are welcome, thank you for the feedback, glad it helped!

That's great! and thanks for the positive feedback.

You're welcome! Always good to hear someone is finding it useful.

Hi, thanks for the feedbank.  That is definitely possible,  Ill add it to the list!

8 bit Invasion is a first person shooter where you take on the invading 8 bit aliens. As you destroy each alien the pixels will drop to the ground, creating an ever growing mass of blocks. Almost everything in the map can and will be destroyed, either by you or by the aliens. Shoot the swoopers for added fun, dodge the falling bombs and lasers to stay alive and keep an eye on the mini map for nearby ammo packs and medic packs.

Download link:

Game play video:

yeah I did :-) but tbh I wasn't thinking about the movie and then I got half way and realized, oh wait.