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Sprite Sheet Slicer

A free, handy quick and easy sprite sheet slicer · By isometric8

[Feature suggestion] File name suffix

A topic by Hakuen Studio created Nov 12, 2022 Views: 136 Replies: 6
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Hi there!

Thanks for making this tool! It saved me a lot of time!

Want to suggest a feature. Is there any way to add a File Name Suffix too?


Hi, it's not immediately obvious in the software but if you select a few sprites, e.g. the idle sprites, you can type 'idle' in the file name prefix field and the app will assign that prefix to those sprites when it writes them out. You can do this for any one or more of the sprites in the sheet, so for example all the left facing characters you can select and set the prefix to 'left' and the output will be left_0.png, left_1.png, left_2.png etc.  Does that cover what you are referring to?

Hi there!

What I was thinking I believe is the opposite as you said, where the results would be:

0_left.png, 1_left.png, etc


Doh, the clue lies in 'suffix', I should have read your post better :-). Good suggestion, I'll add that in.

Nice, thank you! ^^


I finally got around to adding the suffix, the download image is updated, thanks again for the suggestion!

Thank you!! ^^