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Sprite Sheet Slicer

A free, handy quick and easy sprite sheet slicer · By isometric8

[Feature suggestion] Slice per cell size / Offset / Padding

A topic by Dionous Games created Feb 18, 2023 Views: 207 Replies: 5
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Nice little tool that can save some time, donation was worth it :)

Would like to suggest the following, based on my experience they are useful due to some not-that-standard-size spritesheets:

- Option to create grid per cell size (to be set manually by the user) instead of row/columns

- Option to adjust grid offset and padding

- When slicing, do not include any blank (empty) frames/images.

See below some spritesheets that need above options to be sliced properly:

Keep up the good work!

Example of how these should be sliced (using Unity's slicer):


Hey thanks for the donation and detailed feature suggestion, it's a great idea i'll take a look at implementing that

That's great, happy to donate again if above are implemented :)


Hey there, just fyi I've added the cell size slicing feature, plus it also no longer exports empty sprites. Give it a go when you get a chance and let me know if that is what you were looking for.

Many thanks, appreciated! Will give it a shot and let you know.