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Can you please refresh your page check again? 

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From what i know, it's not possible to use ScummVM for console ports due to it's open source agreement. Console giants will never accept this because it will violate their closed SDK distribution license. From the information available on the net, it seems that the restriction on the console porting distribution was the reason that all negos between ScummVM and Nightdive stopped. Nevertheless, would love to know more about this proprietary license you mention; if such is possible this could open alot of possibilities.

Indeed, but not for console ports

True, but i guess he needs to make some money also here...

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Great game! Would gladly convert it to Visionaire Studio from AGS so that mobile and console ports can easily be made!

Many thanks, appreciated! Will give it a shot and let you know.

That's great, happy to donate again if above are implemented :)

Example of how these should be sliced (using Unity's slicer):

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Nice little tool that can save some time, donation was worth it :)

Would like to suggest the following, based on my experience they are useful due to some not-that-standard-size spritesheets:

- Option to create grid per cell size (to be set manually by the user) instead of row/columns

- Option to adjust grid offset and padding

- When slicing, do not include any blank (empty) frames/images.

See below some spritesheets that need above options to be sliced properly:

Keep up the good work!

Really loved the demo! Let us know if you are looking for developing/ publishing opportunities for a full game (

Looks and plays great! Let us know if you are looking for developing/ publishing opportunities (

Great work! How many colors are used?

This is really great job! Do you plan to make the source code available or perhaps i can buy it? Would help me alot to see how you make some certain functions work :)

This is really great job! Do you plan to make the source code available or perhaps i can buy it? Would help me alot to see how you make some certain functions work :)

simply amazing! well done!!

Then we are the first to buy it lol ;)

We are willing to discuss some extra payment for this task if you want.

hello! possible to add more languages on request? e.g. Greek and Russian. Pls contact us!

Yes i have a copy and i could implement the greek text if you agree, no problem.

by the way tassilo, i am interested in translating the book into greek, my son is 8 and would like him to be able to go through the book on his own pace also, would that be possible?

wishing you all the best, health is top priority

oops thanks for that! just added :)

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Glad to announce that we just published our free playable demo of Watch Over Christmas, a classic style point n click adventure game. You take the role of Cisco, a 12-year old boy that finds out that the existence of Christmas depends on him! And the worse: he only has 1 night to make things right...

Watch Over Christmas