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Pretty neat job! I liked the interesting subject matter choice, the tasks did get a bit repetitive but considering scope etc. it's a solid game and definitely educational, well done!

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Hi there

I'm Isabella, a composer for games and adverts with a strong understanding of sound design.

I'm really up for joining any kind of project, but am especially interested in working on an RPG.

Here's my latest work, an adventure game soundtrack medley: 

For more work, please visit my website: Please find me on discord: isabellalau#7437

no problem, my email is

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Thanks! My rates are dependent on the nature of the project, so it's a bit difficult to give a specific answer...  are you able to give a full description of the project in mind if you have one?

Sure thing, could you give me a link to your discord server?

definitely interested! can you give me more details?

Hi, I am a composer and sound designer looking to join an ongoing project.

 My audio for my most recent (and first ever) game jam, Blind Faith for Godot Wild Jam #2, ranked in the top five entries! In contrast to this minimalist style, I also composed a Nintendo medley soundtrack to a trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate showcasing the classic Super Smash sound and blending together the themes of the characters as they appear in the trailer. 

I am eager to compose and design sounds for all sorts of games and take on a diverse range of music genres. I am especially interested in working on an RPG project, my favourite game genre.

My Soundcloud and Youtube pages, followed by my work for Blind Faith and Super Smash Bros Ultimate, may be viewed here: