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How do I move the camera? I press mouse 2 but it does nothing.

HOLY SHIT. This game is amazing! But the replicons are TERRIFYING. I can't go one day without a replicon wasp/hornet chasing me! At least make it so they don't spread this fast! It's so hard to dig, no, LIVE, with them being around!

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I have a suggestion.

Make the anvil have different tiers. Copper to Iron and so on. Each tier making the smithing faster. And maybe make new smith hammers you can make? I'm all for customization.

Thank you. And by the way, The game is INCREDIBLY difficult if you come across bandits in the first few minutes of the game. Mind tweaking them to match your level?

Axu community · Created a new topic Materials to build?

Where do I get materials to build? I cut down trees and I get nothing.

Perhaps, if you don't like a customer and how they treat you, you can give em the boot! Literally, kick them out! Of course you'll lose business but I really don't like asshat customers.

How about flintlock firearm building?

Its like Touhou but without the anime! LOVE IT!

Its Alright, But please make sure that graphic optimization is on the to-do list! :D

How do I lower the graphics to make it stop lagging?

Maybe make races that pick up orders? I would love to see a wolf anthro-morph ask for a weapon and happily walk out with a copper greatsword.

Perhaps add ax heads for differing handle sizes? Like the one handed would be a hatchet and the two handed would be a battleaxe and the polearm would be a halberd and so on. Maybe add thieves or bandits that try to steal your stuff and you can make weapons YOU use to defend? And maybe even hire guards?

So this is a furry dating game?

This. is. LEGENDARY!