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Glad you enjoyed it! Also thanks for informing me about the bug, I've managed to fix it in the latest build.

For now there's an ending where Mary dies and one where she doesn't, which depends on the children's wellbeing. 

You can DM me on twitter @ISegarane if you'd like a fresh save at night 6 with both children alive.

Hey, yes it's a bug, you're supposed to save Kyle. I'm currently uploading a small change which fixes that. 

You can DM me on twitter @ISegarane if you'd like a fresh save at night 6 with both children alive.

I found it, thanks!!

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Hey, that music plays for 30-40 seconds during night 4, I'd recommend you muting or cutting that part if you want to avoid the copyright claim on your video.

Hey man, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Obrigado pelo comentario! 

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Hi, when there is more than one interaction option, you can use your mousewheel to switch between the two.

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Hey man, really insightful comment. It's true that the game was designed to be linear, but also features perma-death in some way, which is not always a good combination. This is actually why I don't really think adding multiple endings would benefit the game, because I don't want people to feel forced to repeat the same content if they're not satisfied with how it ended.

The pills thing is interesting because originally I wanted it to be a gameplay device (How many pills you take or following your prescription would influence things in the game, etc) but ultimately it just became a plot/narrative device. That's why the game kinds of "lies" to the player about their usefulness I think, because it might be presented too much like something that will influence gameplay.

Thanks for your feedback. You can change your input by going to the start menu, in "Options" -> "Controls"

Thanks, it's really appreciated!

Do you remember which was the part where you experienced the crash?

Hey, thanks for your comment! It's awesome to see that people are enjoying playing this as much as I enjoyed making it. The game went through many iterations and experiments, and I'm happy with the end result.
Going to steam is definitely the next thing on my checklist, I think I'll also do one more bug fix update here on itch.

They do tend to avoid the lights, but it won't stop them.

If you wanna keep the kids alive, just let your maternal instincts come out!

Ha, but more seriously, the trick is to always have in mind where the kids are, so you can defend them. If they get captured, what's really important is that you pay attention to the room where the monster went, during the small cutscene showing the child getting eaten.

Also, you gotta keep your cool and avoid shooting them by mistake. Guns can get dangerous, so be careful!

Good luck!

If you're still struggling, to bring the kids to sleep you need to select the "Bring to sleep" interact option, and they'll start to follow you. 

Once you bring them into their respective bedroom (blue one for Kyle, red one for Kayla) they'll go to bed automatically. Hope that helps!

Thanks man, the outcome will inevitably be the same, but your score (which children stayed alive, and what's their wellbeing) will be different

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Hey, thanks for your comment. I've updated the game to add some additional graphics options. 

If you re-download the files, you'll be able to access the new options by going to the start menu, 
("Options" -> "Graphics")

Hope that helps!

Just released MOTHER, a short first-person psychological horror game about protecting your children while descending deeper & deeper into madness. 

You play as Mary, who has just recently lost her husband, and needs to take care of her two children by herself. Suffering from insomnia, you wake up each night and experience strange events. Soon enough you'll find that there are some secrets you can't escape from.

Protect your children at all cost. Be careful, because their death is permanent!

Play now :

Game Trailer

 MOTHER Gameplay Sequence

This is a passion project I've worked on during my free time. It's my first released game on Itch and I'm curious for any feedback!

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Hi, thanks for your comment! I agree with the flying spirits, they didn't really allow for the player to plan/defend himself against them. You kinda just were powerless to them grabbing you. Maybe a visual warning, or some kind of defense mechanism for the player would have helped.