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interesting concept! As others have suggested the map is too big. This could have also been solved by allowing the player to run/sprint so you can go faster. other than that well done!

really great idea! the art is good, decent music. although, I did get a bit confused at first because sometimes the towers didnt shoot. I didnt realize it was a bug. This has huge potential, Great job!



yeah, I was too scared of making it too difficult. thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

agree, it is too slow. I was too scared of making it too difficult lol

Such a great concept. you even have multiplayer, how??? seriously though this has a huge potential for an actual mobile release. it is so fun.

I am unsure how this relates to the theme 'reusable.' I also don't see a way for you to loose. It also wasnt challenging enough, it felt like an fps aim trainer. however I can see potential for this. well done!

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This is soo well made. although im not sure if its intentional that if you move too 'fast' the enemies cant follow. like if I click d5 as an example then I immediately click to a possible future move, the enemies wont take a turn. however all the graphics, sounds, animation and idea are all executed very nicely. 

the entire time I was waiting for a jumpscare because it said horror. it truly is a psvchological horror game. interesting concept though. graphics are simple yet pleasing. the main thing I wish it had is more touch feedback because I often got confused if the button worked and if im doing it correctly.

yeah, I was too woried it would be too difficult, I should have had more enemy spam. thanks for playing!

thanks for playing!



I did not do any playtesting so I didn't realize it was very difficult. The projectiles I didn't know how to do them so I just scrapped it but yeah it would be a nice touch. Thank you so much for playing and giving back feedback!

Yeah, I did not realize it was too hard. I did not do any playtesting at all. Really appreciate the feedback. Thank you for playing!

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Hi! Thank you so much for playing and reviewing my game. I will try to learn from those mistakes for the next project I work on. I wasn't able to add the projectiles because I couldn't think of a way to add them. Yeah some of the towers are a bit useless, didn't have much time or people to playtest it. I also originally planned to add health to the base but then later scraped it, I thought it made it too easy but I was wrong as it is a bit too hard, again I didn't have much playtesting done. Really appreciate the feedback

Really fun game! We had a similar idea for a game! However I dont get how it is related to the theme, i must be missing simething. The graphics looks good. Sounds are on point. Overall a great game.

I really like the game! Its really challenging! My only problem is its a bit too challenging

Love how it is very easy to understand. The graphics are amazing. I feel like the sound could use a bit more work. I find it funny how the dino slowly gets thicker. However it does get a little repetitive. Overall great job!

Just to make clear, the music and most of the assets were taken from the internet and was not made by me.  Credits are in the description




not sure if its just my internet but the game is not loading. its stuck on the unity loading screen.

The tutorial really needs more work put into it.

Pretty fun game but there are problems like the window being small and I cant zoom in like what 100th__coin said. It did feel very arcade like which is nice. I didnt really figure out how to find the monster because at the second level there was no visual clues, I also tried touching each box but nothing happenned.

Really great game! Harder than I expected! Some levels did get a bit confusing on where I was meant to go. 

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Just a bit more work on this game and it could be really fun! Not bad for a hello world project for godot.

rules say its ok to use assets made before hand as long as you have legal permission to use it

You buy land, open shop, select which grass you like then click on the plot of land you want to put the grass

Really fun game! The only thing missing is some sort of challenge. maybe you cant overcrowd a block or something? Really great concept though!

I think you have to put grass or something to the block before you can put cows

Great game! it feels like it was inspired by call of duty zombies or left4dead. The dragging thing to see outside was reversed for me for some reason.

Overall really great idea! Great music! My only complaints are, I wish the first level was a little bit more zoomed out because it was a bit challenging for me to find the white things. Also if you bump at the corner of the walls, the character would infinitely spin untill I walked to a wall, I got a little dizzy. Not bad for a game jam though.

wish there was music and some sound effect which would have improved the mood like others have said. The exits on the side are a bit too small and I struggle to get through one. Also for some reason the web version is way too big that it didnt fit in the browser, I had to scroll up and down to see stuff. Overall pretty good game with a huge potential

Great game idea! Although I was a bit confused on how to beat level 3 because of the new type of mushroom.  The sounds, I didnt like much. Graphics could do better but overall a great game!

I didnt really understood anything at first. I tried pressing random buttons and stuff just happens. I kinda got the concept of it. It didnt feel like I had to do anything to win as it just did its own thing. I didnt understand the mutations. Another thing is that my entire browser lagged a lot while the game is running.