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A day later I had 11 keys in the last room. I got the artifact =). Again, amazing game.

Very nice little game. Good work on the game and the amazing manual (that I gave a speedy read).

Didn't find the artifact but I thought the last three doors when unlocked will going to give some keys.

Wow, got me interested all way through. Not gonna sleep again, thanks.

Thanks! And sorry for the late reply! We have been working and adding features to the game. I will update this demo when we there's enough content.

Well, I just discovered the I need to sitelock my HTML5 game because the game just got uploaded to another site just one day after of being uploaded here. I like the automatic sitelock idea.

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Hello there, we are Iris Interludio, a team made up of a programmer (Ragnatic, the one writing this) and an artist (CarolRiverArt). We are releasing our first game, a first-person dungeon crawler game for the web. Our obvious inspiration are Atlus games but the idea came from The Dark Spire, a game heavily inspired by Wizardry games. I hope you like it our first foray in the gamedev scene!

Very good mechanics and graphics. And the attention to details, like drops falling to the water, is very nice.