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Iris Trummer

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Hey ^^ Thanks for the feedback.
The idea behind making the pipes was to first create one random path using Depth First Search and then just filling up the empty spaces with more random pipes. But honestly, you really don't wanna see the code xD

Very interesting and clever concept. The game was surprisingly fun for how simple the mechanics were.

It did suffer a bit from its presentation in my opinion. It felt a bit eye straining and hard to follow at times (especially during the last level). Maybe because of everything switching positions at the same time and the diverse moving background (which made it a bit harder to focus on the foreground). Most of the time I only focused on my character and one or two enemies closest to me.

I think there could have been some more indications, for example enemy sights or how many balls the player currently carries if you consider to expand the game further.

Cute artwork and overall presentation. I liked the idea and the "cheating" aspect.

I didn't figure out how to open up the menu with the not cheated ingredients though, so sometimes I just had to wait until the right customer arrived because I was stuck with only meat. Not sure if this was intended or if I just didn't find the ingredient menu, but it did add some rng value that felt a little frustrating in my opinion.

Very unique and interesting idea. Loved the relaxing atmosphere and music.

Maybe don't allow to put words into a slot with too little characters (e.g. putting a three letter word where a four letter one is needed), creates a weird looking visual bug. Also it might be helpful to cross out words that have already been used.

Nice idea, love how the cat is jamming to the music while moving.

The jump and general movement felt a little bit "draggy" though (you could try canceling the player's y-velocity when jumping, makes it feel more reliable and maybe make it a little higher and the movement a little faster).

I also liked the idea of connecting stars and the different coloured energy levels. I think I might have preffered being able to drag the camera around instead of using the Q -> WASD controls and maybe have the camera zoomed out a little more when connecting stars.

Very sweet concept and game.

It would be nice if the game paused while reading the instructions at the beginning of the level (controls etc) and maybe even while typing at the console. The movement and fixing mechanic were surprisingly satisfying but the difficulty was a little frustrating in my opinion (hence the pausing, that would take some stress out of typing in the codes).

Nice use of the limitation.

It would be great if you could recall the last command by pressing the up/down arrow like in traditional terminals.