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Since it's nearly Christmas I've  changed it to free as per your suggestion. Happy holidays.

Brick-It (Full Game) by InvertedConcept (itch.io)

That's brilliant feedback thank you. And well done for getting to the space levels :-)

fantastic feedback I'm the first to admit in the end I just needed to finish the game and get it out there otherwise I'd still be tweaking without understanding what Gamers want. I do appreciate all the feed back I have had would love more and will work hard to build a better game.

That dude is flexible !

Beautiful artwork,  good game play but that kitty ghost has issues..... lol

love the idea though let me know if you fix it. I'd love to play it more.

Love the Balance Idea.

I keep failing in two turns :-(

Brilliant idea and really well made. It's scary how much it acts like my Golden Retriever. 

Good Luck... But don't get to distracted playing my game I need more of yours lol

I was quite relaxed until earth go hit by a couple of comets lol.

I was on the edge of my seat. Genuinely didn't know what was going to happen next. Love the unique battle system idea and really can't wait for more. 

You can also stay away from their holes and they wont spawn. 

Thank You for the feed back too some great notes Wasabi. I'm working on Game right now but will see what I can do about an update ASAP. 

Let me know if you do get passed "Inkie" he's my favourite Mob.  

Nearly 30 years since I played the original and I still hate that bloody dog....  Great game though.

I went with Unity and C# because of Brakeys youtube tutorials before I found his videos I really struggled.

You're AI is smarter than me :-(

Brick-It (Full Game) by InvertedConcept (itch.io) is free at the moment plus a couple of other free WebGL games can I please get some feed back so I can up my game making game.

Thank You.

Thank you 

That's amazing.

Hi I'm Gaz (InvertedConcept). Basically I thought to myself "I wonder if I could create a video game" and after a couple of years of non starters I did. I could have given up thousands of times but I didn't want to set a bad example to my young daughter and thanks to her I'm working on my 4th game.  

Blood Drive

Always loved this game. It's a beautifully presented version. 

I'm extending the sale until the end of the month for those who do choose to download please comment and let me know what you honestly think. 

"Critics are out friends, they show us our faults." 

Benjamin Franklin.

Bunch them together to make them easier to handle.

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Free play is just a basic Demo (A try before you buy). The full Game contains many more Scenes each with new challenges and bonus levels to keep things interesting.

You can see some more here ....

Or purchase now whilst it is on sale for £0.52. 

Level 16 fair play I rage quit on 5.... but I'll probably play it again too.

Genius Idea.

Honestly I thought this was going to be stupid when I clicked on it but it's really creative and fun.

It's good idea but could do with being more challenging either by beefing up the viruses or limiting the direction your defence cells can fire to sides not obscured.

Clever Idea. Looking forward to more levels.

Love this game !

Great mechanical concept but am I the only one who needs a little more time per level ?

Great game. I thought it was going to be a "Superhot" clone but it is so much better and a lot more challenging.

An incredibly simple but simply incredible game. Worth the headache after hours of trying to beat it.  

Quantum Splitter by OlivierGuillaume (itch.io)

Quit buttons are only there ready for the desktop version.

So fun but I'm so dizzy now