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Very cool stuff! I'm impressed. I've also messed around with this asset pack in the past, it's wonderful.
When I finally got into my first fight I was a little bit weirded out by the way the enemy bullets moved. It's like they're following me? Not like seeking me, but like they're stuck to my frame of reference? And I found that I just ended up in situations where there was no direction I could move to dodge, which feels "unfair". Also, the threat level said 'average', and I fought off one enemy, no problem, then the squad of four, which was a bit tougher, and then immediately afterward a second squad of four showed up and sniped me. So that didn't feel like 'average' threat...

So those were my first impressions, very cool stuff overall, I followed you on here, and I will be checking back in in the future!

This one effin rules, Grant. Is it CC BY as well?

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I pretty sure some of the mega prize cards I dropped didn't register!
(Fun overall tho!!)

Fiquei Preso!

hiya! No more free ascii version after 1.0? The site still lists that option and re-directs here. Oh also, the blurb here still says "This is alpha version, etc..."

The other two I'm positive I've reduced pointless slowdowns significantly. TileSoup is actually the heaviest of the set. The fluid sim is pretty costly. One simple thing I can recommend is to reduce the fluid_resolution parameter in the config. Maybe increase the frame period too. frame period of 21 (~48fps) runs pretty smooth to my eyes. I had an earlier version without the fluid sim, only the noise.. maybe I'll put that back in as a mode in the config..

Update is up! Let me know what you think of the Bulk note generator!

Thank you very much!
I will definitely consider your suggestions! I already had plans for a little companion program to generate bulk events, how does that sound?
Adding images is tempting too, I'll see if I can think of a way to include them without adding too much complexity...

very cool idea!

great looking game!
I will say I had trouble keeping track of when I had bullet, vs when I had stamina, and often would get into position to use one or the other, and then click click. Also, getting hit didn't feel very noticeable. I glanced at my health at one point and half of it was gone, and I had no idea when that happened.

Maybe my peripheral vision just sucks, but maybe It'd be nice to have little pips with this information near the character!

Very neat!

echoing the feedback that it's a bit easy, that places we've been should be marked somehow, and that a mouse or keyboard shortcut for the back button would be nice.


Great to see you back in action, Pacian. Another delightful little world to explore. Thank you! Took me a moment to wrap my head around the bi-directional links, but they actually make for pretty interesting map topology! Great work. Cheers!

I am intrigued! It begs to be playtested, to see if the procedures flow well... Have you gotten it on the table much?

A few typos:
* When that fail[s], let the Witnesses convene
* you've come to relay the tale [of] your own slow
* six sided dice, a buncg[bunch] of them

I like it! 

One observation would be that skill checks with "equal or beat" (if I'm correct in interpreting that as "greater than or equal to") have the strange side-effect that the higher the stat, the worse the unit, which is unintuitive. That's why Fighting Fantasy -likes among others do skill checks with "roll under" stat.

If I get to put this on a table at some point, one addition I think I'd go for would be some notion of "speed" for the units, as in, how often they get to act. Also maybe some kind of flanking rule? Everybody loves flanking.


doesn't fit good on my monitor =/

Hell yeah!!! Majorly hyped for this update!
I love to see more elemental synergies in the form of the Insight Emblems! Question: did you consider, instead of "as long as you have 1 X spell equipped", something like "For each X spell equipped", or something along those lines, to reward more specialization?
Congrats once again on the major banger you created here!

Game is gorgeous and I love the mix of mechanics.
The combat system is really rough though.. Why can you only attack from the side? Same for axing trees.. its so fiddly trying to line yourself up pixel-perfectly with the target. The controls are also unnecessarily complex: interact, pick up and drop could all be on the same key, they are contextual.

Incredible stuff.
I'm seconding the suggestion of a manual reload button, and also wanna let you know I have an issue where it buffers a bunch of inputs and then I'm stuck shooting or walking into a wall for a long time which gets me killed. Buffering inputs is good, but they need to expire after a little while and/or the queue needs to be shorter!
but yeah, big kudos!

Informações pra fazer por PIX por favor!

the AI short story is very similar to "Utopia, LOL", one of my faves from the last few years, which I'm 99% sure was written by a genuine free-range hu-mon

cool zine, am following

C + SDL2

Coming back to this game once again, and so I noticed there are no comments pointing out how F@&%ING AMAZING it is. I love this game. Thank you.

Conceito interessante!
Nas instruções en inglês ficou "Invalid" nos dois exemplos

Thanks! I'm thinking of making a couple improvements, and adding some stuff like screensaver mode, how does that sound? Suggestions are very welcome!

Wow! This is quickly becoming one of the biggest and best free RL tilesets out there! Big kudos, and thank you!

Since posting that I actually went ahead and wrote unique prompts for each card of the deck!
email me [introscopia protonmail com] or follow me back on twitter? Excited to see where this goes!

Hi! I finally got around to reading this and wow! I really love it! I'd love to expand it with more unique prompts. Would you be ok with me posting another version of it (crediting you right at the top, ofc), or maybe would you like to collab on a sequel?

Space Clicker community · Created a new topic Some Feedback

You can go into the negative by clicking really fast on the buy buttons. Is that intentional?

The panel on the right that shows how many tappers you have takes up a lot of space unnecessarily. that info could be on the shop as well.

You don't have commas separating big numbers ( 1,000,000 instead of 1000000 ), you should! makes it easier to read.

Is there a roadmap? Where do you want to go with this game?

I do have plans to do more with this game, but I think I'm going to take it in another direction, away from table top and into computer games.. We'll see!
and thank you!

Really cool game!

Oh! I haven't encountered those bugs, any more details you can provide would be really useful!

honestly, I read Beast Hunter and I wasn't terribly interested in it.
I'm not sure exactly what you're saying about the time track, but let me point out that what determines the final day are the little skulls next the the time track, not the track itself

Utterly lovely. Way to go!

Very solid roguelike! Made it to level 6 after I started quaffing souls like an addict hehehe. Way to go.

Lovely work!
I died on lvl 3 because all I got were "onMoveUp" genes... hehe, but I can definitely see this being one of those games where you get epic runs, like "onWait : healSelf" would be pretty amazing.. yea!

Really loving the game!
I'm not too sure about the chains though.. Did you consider making them cancel your sideways momentum when you "grab" them, by moving up or down on them?
I feel like that would make it a bit more 'tight' and not decrease the skill at all, especially you're required to press ON the chain, like, you can't just hold up while you're flying towards it. Does that make sense?

Thanks for the excellent bug report! Very specific, which makes it easy to fix! I'll try to have a patch up soon.

yeah, really not meant to be intuitive.. Gotta read the manual!

I think you're misunderstanding how the event works. If you find an artifact in a region which is currently under the Fleeting Vision event, you'll "have a vision" about that artifact, and then, when you go to activate it, it will only require 3 energy. Makes sense?