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Coming back to this game once again, and so I noticed there are no comments pointing out how F@&%ING AMAZING it is. I love this game. Thank you.

Conceito interessante!
Nas instruções en inglês ficou "Invalid" nos dois exemplos

Thanks! I'm thinking of making a couple improvements, and adding some stuff like screensaver mode, how does that sound? Suggestions are very welcome!

Wow! This is quickly becoming one of the biggest and best free RL tilesets out there! Big kudos, and thank you!

Since posting that I actually went ahead and wrote unique prompts for each card of the deck!
email me [introscopia protonmail com] or follow me back on twitter? Excited to see where this goes!

Hi! I finally got around to reading this and wow! I really love it! I'd love to expand it with more unique prompts. Would you be ok with me posting another version of it (crediting you right at the top, ofc), or maybe would you like to collab on a sequel?

Space Clicker community · Created a new topic Some Feedback

You can go into the negative by clicking really fast on the buy buttons. Is that intentional?

The panel on the right that shows how many tappers you have takes up a lot of space unnecessarily. that info could be on the shop as well.

You don't have commas separating big numbers ( 1,000,000 instead of 1000000 ), you should! makes it easier to read.

Is there a roadmap? Where do you want to go with this game?

I do have plans to do more with this game, but I think I'm going to take it in another direction, away from table top and into computer games.. We'll see!
and thank you!

Really cool game!

Oh! I haven't encountered those bugs, any more details you can provide would be really useful!

honestly, I read Beast Hunter and I wasn't terribly interested in it.
I'm not sure exactly what you're saying about the time track, but let me point out that what determines the final day are the little skulls next the the time track, not the track itself

Utterly lovely. Way to go!

Very solid roguelike! Made it to level 6 after I started quaffing souls like an addict hehehe. Way to go.

Lovely work!
I died on lvl 3 because all I got were "onMoveUp" genes... hehe, but I can definitely see this being one of those games where you get epic runs, like "onWait : healSelf" would be pretty amazing.. yea!

Really loving the game!
I'm not too sure about the chains though.. Did you consider making them cancel your sideways momentum when you "grab" them, by moving up or down on them?
I feel like that would make it a bit more 'tight' and not decrease the skill at all, especially you're required to press ON the chain, like, you can't just hold up while you're flying towards it. Does that make sense?

Thanks for the excellent bug report! Very specific, which makes it easy to fix! I'll try to have a patch up soon.

yeah, really not meant to be intuitive.. Gotta read the manual!

I think you're misunderstanding how the event works. If you find an artifact in a region which is currently under the Fleeting Vision event, you'll "have a vision" about that artifact, and then, when you go to activate it, it will only require 3 energy. Makes sense?

>do I click the artifact box before or after entering the search screen to ignore the event?
After! once you're "in" the region. You're right, I could indicate these thing a bit better.

Didn't include the region monster charts in the game, no. I mean, that information, the spirits, it's so particular, and so rarely relevant... I feel the hardcore players who are going to use that mechanic wouldn't mind having the manual open in another tab! That's probably how most people are playing ,anyways..

>you could have a "?" tab to put the manual text within the game itself.
I considered adding a "?" button in each screen with the instructions on each sub-game... Maybe I'll put that in eventually.

Thanks again for playing and for all the feedback! Have fun

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Hey! I just dropped the 1.1 a few moments ago! paying to decrease final activation difficulty is in.

>Searching: It takes me on average about 4 times to get an artifact
I think there are more optimal strategies... I could give you some pointers.. or you could browse the BGG forums. But, of course, developing your strategy is most of the fun!

I am considering this just a port, so balance matters I'm probably not going to fiddle with.. But I agree, the wastebasket could be a little bigger.

>my search result should have been between 005-001 but it has given me 000 resulting in an activated artifact.
Did you check the log? There are many effects that subtract from the search result...

>If you immediately click the dice after killing an enemy, it enters another round of combat.
Huh! I'll look into this one for v1.2...

>What % of runs do you think are successful btw?
There are certain low-risk strategies that I do believe an give you a very high win rate, but mediocre score.. Now, playing wildly, trying to get a high score? that could be really low, less 30% even..

Wow, thank you so much for the feedback!
You are correct! I totally neglected to put in the thing with paying HP to lower the activation difficulty. There are so many little details!
I'll look into this bug of not dying in FA. You probably can't get trapped in a infinite loop, because eventually you you run out of days anyways, but thanks for the bug report!
Any UI suggestions are super welcome! Thanks again.

To be honest, I don't like "game engines". I think they're a waste of time. If you invest your time learning an actual programming language you got a real skill AND you can make games just as quickly as anybody else. 
Also, I  see a lot of people asking for a tutorial. I donno, I think that's a bit too much to ask for in a 48 hour game jam. And more importantly, I did this for fun, so I want to spend my time programming gameplay, designing maps, you know, the fun stuff. And I find that most people who come to play gamejam games are pretty tolerant of stuff like this.
Thanks for the feedback, I'll check your game out!

I like the map, the music, the puzzles. Good work! I do wanna say, platforming in top-down... never works too well. Also, I could never tell if it was a hole in the ground or just ground texture.

Loove the music, love the concept! I'd love to see a fullscreen mode, text was a bit small on my monitor, and then we could also have the status of all the gooblers along the bottom for example, so you can see them all at a glance!
Question: Is their erratic pathfinding intentional? It is kinda charming, but also kind of infuriating when we lose customers because of it..
Great job!

We had somewhat similar ideas! I liked the concept of poker combat! A few technical notes:
* The window was too tiny
* sprites were blurry
* movement was too slow on the overworld

it rendered all streched on my monitor (1366x768), couldn't see all the UI..

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Scored 55... I liked it!
* Why do I start with only 1 health?
* The having to memorize the weaknesses  was a bit annoying, especially since they were very arbitrary..
* QAZ / JKL was a slightly akward control scheme. Maybe you could have had the enemies coming down from the top of the screen, and then the aim keys could have been horizontal!
* The gems would have looked at lot better with transparent background

Great shooting!  too bad about the false advertising, there are no waves of enemies, it is a constant stream of spawns. You'll be hearing from my lawyers... hmpf!

The spinny sword doesn't do enough damage! But once I read the intructions and started using the bow, it was an alright shooter. Would've been great to see some effects on the ghosts when they get hit, and maybe more obstacles in the map too!

I got stuck in the first screen.. Did I miss something? There's nowhere to go

Error: Couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing?