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Nice job! The weird screen glitches were fun. The bugs look awesome.

I might suggest smaller hit boxes for everything. Bugs were disappearing before my bullet even intersected their sprites.

Nice job! Really good graphics and sound.

To 7axel7’s suggestions I’d add two things:

  1. Make the sounds for the players shots different than the baddie’s shots.

  2. Player movement should follow an acceleration curve. Meaning it starts at 0 velocity and ramps up to max while the player holds the arrow key. This can and should happen pretty fast so it’s a subtle effect but it makes a big difference in how the game feels.

Awww I love the cute Apple II-esque character. Great concept for the puzzles too!

That was profoundly weird. I’m seriously impressed with seeing a 3-D entry that’s not written in Unity or Godot.

The intro screen is acid trippy. Was that lorem ipsum or actual latin?

I found I could move car off the screen by holding down the arrow keys.

Graphics style was very unique and combined with the music for a slightly unsettling effect. I love the creativity.


Thanks for playing! And for the feedback. I agree on all points.

Thanks for playing!

My first beta tester ragequit over the controls so yeah, I’m aware that’s an issue. :-) Auto-aiming (of some sort) is definitely on my mind for rev 2.

Thanks! I’m pretty stoked the AI works as well as it does.


Ha, great job! Yeah kiting is overpowered but I didn’t have any brilliant ideas to balance it out. Something for rev 2. :-)

Thanks, I get it. Wish my favorite browser was more up to snuff for games.

This is very innovative and fun. Will keep my entertained for quite a while!

LOL! I drove the roomba off the floor and it fell through the earth and the game didn’t end. I guess I hacked the game? ;-)

Fun concept!

How could I not want to play a game with Giant Robot Mechs and Ninja Space Ants!?

But alas, no firefox support. :-(

Fantastic work! This was a lot of fun to play, even though I didn’t figure out the controls until after the first mission. I was just dodging bullets, mashing keys trying to find the guns for a while. Maybe I misread the tutorial or something. :-)

I have a very soft spot for this kind of game. I especially appreciate that you have ship upgrades and trading between missions.

Top notch!

Ha! Fun. I made it to round 9. I could not figure out how to reliably click on the “cards” to choose my attack. Remained a mystery to the end whether I was supposed to mouse over and wait or click before they moved. shrugs

It was fun! I wish I could slap the bugs in real life.

Cool, a made up language with an interpreter implemented in python. I bet this was fun to build. The Replit embed was a fun idea to share the code.

Looks fun! I like it but the first time I tried to glide firefox closed a bunch of tabs since Ctrl+w is the hot key for close tab. Whoops!

Awesome job! Very challenging. Great graphics. Very fun!

This was great! Clever puzzle design, great graphics, and subtle, atmospheric audio made it a great experience.

There was one place where I was jump/dashing up to hit the broken panel and it kept moving down towards me instead of up. I tried a few times and eventually it went up instead. That was strange/finicky.

Very cool game.

Very solid game! Graphics and audio combined for a very cool aesthetic.

HAHAHAHA!!! I shot myself! The ghosts are a great concept. You got me to laugh out loud. :-)

I would nix that animated background on the webpage. Having it on the page and in the game at the same time was too much. In the game I might fade it to solid after a bit or just freeze it. It sets a cool atmosphere but is tiring after a while. I feel the same about the music. It sets the right tone but I wouldn’t be able to listen to it very long.

This is very polished. Looks and plays great!

Sweet! Very nice execution on a simple and fun concept. I love your graphics and style.

A minor improvement that would have smoothed the on ramp for me. I dunno if I misread the description and/or just drowsy in the afternoon but I was trying to move the aliens for like 2 minutes before I realized I was playing the marines. facepalm It would be nice if the game auto selected one of the marines when your turn starts.

More animation during the fights and some sound effects would all be great areas of improvement.

This was a very solid effort and I enjoyed it!

Well I was wrong, script methods are ALSO default public.

Thanks. That first one is exactly what I’m seeing. Nice to know it wasn’t just me. Maybe I’ll look into submitting a patch after the jam. Shouldn’t be too hard given they have correct line drawing algorithms elsewhere in the codebase.

New version with way more stuff. Like you can shoot now!

I found that writing custom _draw() code on my nodes is working for the vector graphics look I was going for. One neat thing you can do is declare your script a tool and then you’ll get a preview of the drawing code in the editor.

Hey things are kinda working. I added a custom drawing script to a KinematicBody2D node to draw my player ship. The CanvasItem methods folks pointed me at above where just the thing. Thanks guys!

I posted my super janky rough draft. I’ll try to make periodic devlog posts to share what I’m figuring out. Comments and questions welcome.

Very cool! This is exactly the stuff I was hoping to learn during the jam.

Thanks everybody! CanvasItem seems to be the thing I was looking for. I’ll dabble some more and report back.

I’ve dabbled in 2D vector graphics for games before with Java and Python. Some minimal poking at godot came up with Polygon2D but that seems extremely minimal, basically just colored and filled polygons. What if I want to have godot draw just the border of the polygon? Can I style the lines? What I want to make lasers out of lines that shift color and width from frame to frame?

Are there any good resources for making 2D vector graphics in godot?

As I fallback I can always draw my graphics in inkscape and export sprite sheets but I’ve always had a soft spot for games where the graphics are true line art drawn by the engine in real time.

Thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Good luck on your exams! Take care.

Thank you for the kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! So fun! Loved knocking the trees over but the darn bird clipped me every time.

Thank you! I compiled on a Mojave virtual machine that I threw together. Sad but not surprised it didn’t work on Big Sur. I’ll have to look into it.

Ooh those is going to be so fun to play after work. You’ve got me hooked.

How did you like using twine?

If I could make a couple suggestions. The writing is really good but would benefit from proofing and editing. Since the written story is your main asset you want it to be top-notch. I’ve always found the old school “printing text a character at a time” effect a little tiresome. I’m not the fastest reader I know but I often find myself waiting for the computer to finish printing. I would suggest either speed it up or turn it off. I don’t think it adds much to the vibe.

Can’t wait to play it through.

Cool art and concept!

As someone who learned to code on MS-DOS that anything required the mouse was a little surprising. :-)