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Hi I want to buy this, but before can i see a video or atleast a aplayable demo of this project


game for game jam 


  • Jumping on a Coloured Button raises a Platform of the same colour ahead (for a limited time).
  • So jump through buttons in the same colour order of Platforms ahead.



  • Jumping on a Coloured Button raises a Platform of the same colour ahead (for a limited time).
  • So jump through buttons in the same colour order of Platforms ahead.

mast bhaai!

It was fun haha :))! Nice backstory about brainwashing though 

Heyy interesting concept and nice visuals! however I found the game pretty hard to navigate, It's mostly impossible to avoid the zombie and complete the hallway level. 

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Thankyou So much Pyxwin Studios! Sure I will try your game

Great work bro !

Bhai Amazing game, maze aagaye!!!!!

See the sequence of coloured cubes ahead of you and jump in the same sequence of colours. To complete a level.

Try it and dont forget to rate this game :))!

To Play this Game, See the sequence of cubes ahead and Jump in the same pattern over the buttons to win.

Thankyou brother :)!!


I am just absolutely great man :)) And Maine bhi is game jam me part liya.

Bhai Game to masst lagraa hai!

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Heyy, this is Manik I am working on an Indie Game Project Called ABE CHUP : A Mysterious Journey. 

I need some amazing developers to volunteer for this project. Requirements: Unreal Developer, Unreal technical artist.

A Previous Demo Teaser

If you are a Unreal developer [Blueprint / C++ ]. Contact me here : Discord AsasinoManik#7238 & Instagram @asasinomanik.

I have  a really interesting concept to work on.

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Hi, if you are an unreal developer or a game artist with blender + substance knowledge, hit me up on discord: AsasinoManik#7238 , Let's discuss if we can work together. 

Wow that was really cool

Thanks bhai!

Are brother, it's the part of the concept don't worry :)

Oh that's great brother, so are you Indian BTW?


Thankyou so much for the review, I am really getting tears of happiness now, Actually  had this idea months ago and fortunately it fitted into this jam and I made it. Yeah I agree, there are not much choices but if you explore you may find out 2,3 . 

Although I completed it within a time limit, and really faced a lot of problem as asking my parents to empty a room or act for or shoot is really hard task, it took me 3 days just to explain that But I am so fortunate that it's completed (with technical and sound issues as you said)and I am able to see players like you who loved this game. Thank you so much.

fun fact: The camera shake wasn't  intended but when I was doing the edit and programming at midnight, and there was no time to shoot, I found that my brother shaked the camera in that video to irritate me, lol. but I just edited it whit a sound that should not look funny as there was no option to re-shoot it and made the game, ha ha.

although the graphics are improved because of the current gen, Hope you like it

The game is highly inspired from Classic Sega CD Games, which have been ended due to some controversies but, here's a try for a comeback of live action game.

Please recommend Brackeys and their team to put my game into their submission.

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To, the brackeys team,

I made a game for this jam with a lot of effort and love. It was my First ever game jam I just lost it by one minute please accept My Game. I made it with a lot of effort and love for this game jam.

Please accept my game it's my honorable request.

For God's Sake, please

Thanks in advanced

Game link:

I just did the shooting, but yet not started edit and programming.

Does this works with any unreal version like 4.23.4 

Can I replace the throwing stars with anything else like a Ball?

no worry, but what's current condition of your game. tell if I can help you