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got it to work, brilliant job man congrats!

managed to get it working, everything was fine I was just stupid with the itch app, but I got it. Thanks to the autor of the game for actually asking me what was wrong, making me think it was probably me being stupid. And I'm glad I persisted, super fun and simple and everything is already so very polished. Simple yet elegant. Loved it! 

It worked but it got boring super quick. I think the difficulty at first makes it too tedious, and it doesn't feel good enough to get away with it. Controls are quite tight once you get used to them though so that's nice.

This one is my favorite of all the ones I've played so far. I could play a whole game of just this. Catching the bullets in mid air is the most satisfying feeling ever. Loved it, it's quite polished with an intro, middle and even a boss fight. My fav so far congrats! 

Super fun and a little difficult too. It works pretty well, easy to learn hard to master. Ennemy variety and a good idea too! 

couldn't get my computer to let me play this one :/ It looked super promising though.

I wanted to like it, and I love the art and music and overall, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how it works, and at this point I'm not sure it does.

ultra simple but it made my smile. So there you go. 

Spoilers : If you keep playing and playing something unexpected might happen ;) 

neat idea, also it works and I understood it, and the fact that it's multiplayer makes it even cooler! 

but how does it work though? 

Made me smile but I got soooooooo bored. I feel like there is a great idea, it just needs to grow a little more. Give it more time, and better art, and the woodcutters actually kill the meditative mood of the whole experience. I can easily see that as a phone app that just sits there and gently grows as you nurture the tree. Maybe some phone alerts that go like : quick, woodcutters are cutting your tree down!!!! I'd play that.

This was funny and I understood what I needed to do! Also I like the idea of the headbutt. The overall look made me think of frog fractions, which is always a plus in my book.