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appreciate it :)

awwww thank you!

thanks for playing!!


thank you so much!!

Yup. Online is totally cross platform.

You can just redownload on itch to get the update. I think itch launcher even updates automatically. If you want the maps, email us with your email (so we can confirm your purchase) and we'll send you a steam key.

Let's wait until 2021 to figure that out. :)

Until then, you can play Among Us normally.

Don't worry about "the end of Among Us". We are not ending Among Us. But we are moving on to create new games. There are just three of us making Among Us, and we can't work on it forever, but we want you all to keep playing as long as you want to.

"Forcibly disconnected from the server" and "Reliable Packets" are errors, not crashes. Sometimes player connections are at fault, but I will try to reduce these problems while I'm still updating Among Us.

We will keep the servers running normally until at least 2021. It's hard to promise longer than that, but we will likely run them longer than that. We will announce if we are stopping the servers and provide some alternative.

The servers sometimes have issues. I have fixed it this time, and I will always attempt to fix it as fast as I can.

Haha, someday. I didn't mention it because the plans aren't very concrete, but I haven't forgotten it. :)

Thanks for letting us know! It'll be fixed in the update coming next week!

Sweet! I'm still interested!

Does this work include the API changes necessary to validate a purchase? IIRC, the problem was that Itch Launcher manifests can only get profile:me permissions (but profile:games is needed) and the launcher can only have one permission, but a game would need the profile id from profile:me and the games list from profile:games.

Thanks for letting me know! I think it is just that one animation. It isn't fixed in 2019.8.16, but should be fixed in the next update after that.

Try updating again. I just released 2019.8.16 which may fix your problem.

Try updating again. I just released 2019.8.16 which may fix your problem.

Try updating again. I just released 2019.8.16 which may fix your problem.

Thanks for reporting these to us! They aren't real and they could even have viruses, we don't know! You can help by reporting them on YouTube as you see them. We will always communicate with players in-game or on our Innersloth social media channels.

Sorry. We are avoiding accounts as much as possible so we don't have to keep player data safe. Data security is very, very hard and I'm the only programmer, so I really wouldn't want to mess that up.

Steam uses custom exchange rates that we don't control. For Android/iOS, real exchange rates are used. On Steam, the total for the game and the map would be about 20 BRL. On Android and iOS, the game is free and the map is about 16 BRL.

I haven't heard anyone trying this, but you should be able to pay once for both devices as long as they have the same Google account.

Android automatically recovers purchases when you open the in-game shop. Other platforms have a button to press in the in-game shop.

Yep! The new map will be paid on Android, iOS and PC. Just one map right now, but we are working on another one for later this year.

Traduzido do inglês:
De, você só precisa baixar a versão mais recente e jogar essa versão em seu lugar. Se você estiver usando o lançador de coceira, então há uma opção de atualização manual quando você escolhe o jogo> clique na engrenagem ao lado de iniciar> clique em gerenciar jogo> verificar se há atualização.

Yeah, that was the risk. The default is short, so it hopefully won't impact the game too much when you really do need to call two in a row. But hopefully 10 seconds is also long enough to make sure that second meeting is really necessary.

This is apparently a long-time issue with Unity. One website suggests checking the "Disable Fullscreen Optimizations Box"

1. Click the settings cog next to Launch
2. Click Manage Game
3. Click Open folder in Explorer
4. Open the AmongUs folder
5. Right-click Among Us.exe and click Properties
6. In the compatibility tab, check the Disable Fullscreen Optimizations checkbox.

Hope that helps!

Yup! Other players can see your pet! We are aware that pets can get stuck inside walls, but it is rare, and if you walk away from the wall little , it will teleport to you.

Also, doesn't support IAP, so we unfortunately cannot offer pets on the PC version. We are working with to get this enabled.

I was pretty sure the was I was using itch for pets would work, but it seems I was totally wrong. 

I'm now engaging the Itch team on how to fix this, but for now, I've taken down the pet pages and pets simply won't be available for the Itch version until they enable a couple of features. 


Does this still happen? It should at least be much harder now since it was improved in version 2019.5.7.

Hey, thanks for the report! I just released a new update, but I will look into this for the next one!

We fixed  this via email: Avast doesn't like Among Us, and it might quarantine Among Us after you start it even if you tell Avast to ignore it!

Click the numbers in order 1 to 10.

There is! Check our latest devlog!

We actually tried that! As we mentioned in the post, even one kick is enough to ruin a game. The host can still kick someone who tries to report them as impostor. Or kick someone who they think is impostor, but people aren't voting for. Fewer kicks reduces how many people are affected, but not how bad it is to get kicked unfairly...

You might need to update the itch app. I had an older version that didn't want to install Among Us, but after updating it was okay.

We've already fixed and updated for this. (Version 2019.4.24.1) Sorry about that!

Thanks, we are aware, but can't fix it quickly because of Apple's approval process. We will update as soon as they let us. Sorry!

It's on the play store! You can also download it here on itch! Either is free for mobile (but hats and skins cost extra).

I haven't heard of this issue before. You might try redownloading it. If you have anti-virus, that might be affecting it as well. AVG dislikes Unity games quite a bit.

! Gracias por los comentarios! Usamos Google para traducir la mayoría de las cosas, pero estamos trabajando con los fanáticos para traducir el juego. Definitivamente todavía estamos trabajando en el aspecto comunitario de Among Us. Los malos anfitriones son definitivamente algo que queremos mejorar.

Gracias por el informe de errores, también! He visto este, pero es difícil de arreglar, por lo que puede durar un tiempo. :\