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Yup. Online is totally cross platform.

How do you update the game on innersloth

Please patch the game, the game is (at least in my eyes) suppose to be a detective game to find out who the bad guy is, the game has become a platform to gaslight people (yelling so people can't here your thoughts and proof of your innocence) a game based on bullying and mob mentality. i.e someone says "X" person is the bad guy and they all pile on and vote before they even get a chance to say anything. I've seen people voted off despite having another vouch for them and a person with NO one to vouch for them stay safe. 

Hell the safe person WAS the one calling for the innocent person to be voted off AND they were the killer. What?? 100% innocent gets voted off and the other person that says "vote off" [X] person and they listen with no evidence, they them selves with no alibi AND they were the killer, its a popularity contest!!

PATCH: people who are innocent who get voted off should penalise the rest of the players, the more innocent people get voted off the penalty becomes heavier (eg lights go off permanently and tasks are NOT visible killer can see in the dark) alot of players are deliberately NOT using deduction and merely guessing from the start killing them immediately with NO kills happening, ruining peoples fun i.e innocent people get voted off for NO reason merely because someone says they're suspicious (hell sometimes no one has even died yet) OR they're proud of the killers being voted off when it was guess work in the first place ruining the KILLERS fun aswell because they didn't get very far sometimes not even killing anyone. So innocent OR imposter get screwed out of gameplay due to this guessing/mob mentality crap.

p.s the killer needs more options to give them an advantage, whats the point of vent killing i.e being sneaky if people just go "well i didn't see you walk in this room why are you coming out"? you obviously vented in and out. Maybe give some more powerups?

He was a not imposter, I imposter. Blue was in the dining room the whole game and once jumped into the hatch, although you see yourself not a traitor and  i now translate:

Green  (I'm) 

Blue in the hatch jumped 


He's definitely a imposter. 


I'm a cheater. I see you're a imposter .

Green (I'm) 

Blue lies

Are there going to be more free skins and hats and pets?

Are there going to be more free skins and hats and pets?

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Can you make Among Us free on chromebook please