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Mr Cheese

A member registered 62 days ago

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I have 9 inches of snow holy crap!

or how about this?


and I will block you too

and I will block you too

they need to add this skin into among us 

good night

because it is free on the App Store for iPhone 

did you get it off steam?

the new update is not out yet. Sorry.

hello everyone 👋🏻

good Friday means better Saturday 

I think among us will not die for a while 

keep saying mean stuff to me. I don’t mind just leave my friends alone 

you can keep being mean to me but I won’t crack lol. I AM BULLY PROOOOOOOOF?

It’s funny how chunky monkey types the same thing about my dogs every time 

Happy Friday among us players!

my YouTube channel is having problems 

I can’t because it is restricted 

you don’t know the power of the bark side!!

we don’t need bullies during these times 


and I blocked chunky monkey 

you are no friend chunky monkey 


and leave pancakehead alone you jerk

hey SCP -049 show me one picture that I have put up!

My dogs are so silly

well thanks for the advice my buddy! But I am not going to listen to angry people. So keep smiling!👍🏻👌🏻

Yes I was fine with my acting 

because they are such a small studio 

the map might come in April or early March

here is what I found about the new update 

well 2021 is not starting off goid