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That's the plan. Currently it allows for more control over the mutations, but I need to add filters and additional effects to match the feature set.

I'm working on a browser-based sound effects generator with selective customization options. The core functionality is practically complete.

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Synespectra is an arcade-style game in which you protect your ship from incoming enemy bullets by matching their colors with your own bullets and shield. With each level being relatively short, the game emphasizes honing reflexes and memorizing bullet patterns.

The game features:

  • ability to add your own music
  • difficulty scaling
  • adapting graphics
  • high score list

Controls are mouse + keyboard (QWEASD to change colors).

The game requires Java version 8 or newer.

Get it here.

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I am working on a game called Synespectra, a music-based shoot 'em up, where you defend yourself from incoming bullets by matching their colors. It features different difficulty levels and an ability to use your own music.

The controls are keyboard + mouse, QWEASD for changing colors (red, green, blue, teal, magenta, yellow).

I'm looking for someone who can test how it works on Windows - whether it runs, how it performs, can you add your own music. General impressions are welcome as well.

Note: the game requires Java. In order to play your own music, copy it to the "data" folder.

Get it at:


It would be convenient (and save bandwidth) if the app could detect the OS version and download an appropriate file. Any chance this will be implemented?