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Thank you! That did the job. I reached what looks like the end - for now. It says more chapters are coming in Spring 2024, and I'll definitely stay tuned for them. From what I see, that's going to be an even more amazing adventure than Asher!

Can you tell me how many chapters it is going to have? And how many endings?

I enjoyed Asher and proceeded to this game but got stuck. In the library, I found the key, but using it on the drawer gets me nowhere - it's still stuck and won't move more than an inch. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? (I'm playing the Windows version.) I've tried all actions available in the room, and I can't leave it or use the phone.

I loved this one! So beautifully written and imaginative. The art is awesome, with its vintage black-and-white charm and so much in the spirit of the story. I got Ending 8 first and then unlocked every other one - all in just one evening.

I also started The Empress of Aeser but got stuck quite early into it.

Исправлена проблема с фоном. Теперь в полноэкранном режиме текст должен отображаться нормально.

Thank you for this inspiring comment! I'm glad you like the game.

Спасибо,  что сообщили! Исправлю.

Thank you for playing! Initially, I did not plan to develop this story further, but your comment made me consider it. Maybe one day I will make it into a larger game.

Спасибо, очень приятно:)

Отличная игра! Прошла на обе (?) концовки, светлую и темную, но почему-то достижения не засчитываются.

Замечательная игра: атмосферная, продуманный сюжет. Очень понравилась!

Спасибо за инструкцию! Я проходила игру на сайте, открыла все пять остальных концовок, а эту никак не могла. Без подсказки вряд ли нашла бы ее.

Thank you for replying! I have wishlisted the game and will be looking forward to the release! Good luck with it!


I've only discovered your game at this point, too late to contribute to your Kickstarter campaign, which I'd love to do as I'm delighted by your art and concept. I see the campaign has been funded. Have you released the full  game? 

I've uploaded the game as a zip archive and everything works now! Many thanks!

Thank you very much! I will try to do this.

I've uploaded the sound files as individual files (.flac and .wav), hidden and not downloadable.

Hi guys,

I'm new to game making and use Twine to create interactive stories. Today, I've tried adding sound to my game for the first time. It works perfectly when I launch the file on my PC, but the sound won't play when I launch my game here on Itch. I've uploaded all my sound tracks with the game HTML file to Itch, for the game to be able to 'see' and play them, but it won't. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it? Please.

The game is here:


I like the concept, but it was rather frustrating to have no place to put my gifts in after I stole them. I had from 3 to 6 to give away, and ALL spots within the house were already taken by real presents, not shady boxes. A nice piece, anyway. I'd love to play a fixed version.


Is this game even possible to win? I tried many times but always failed.

I liked the game's concept. It is harder to win than it seems! I've played it several times. It is really difficult to keep a balance. Even when you just leave all non-violent posts be, one of the sides always comes to prevail.

I really wanted to play this game during the jam and rate it, but got overwhelmed with work. So I'm catching up now.

Thank you for making it! And for this awesome jam!

Thank you for playing! Depicting these scenarios was my exact intention. Glad to hear you've liked it!

Thanks for your feedback.  

In truth, I had no intention to punish anyone for their views. That was just an attempt to realistically model the possible scenarios of the immortality pill being dealt with in this or that way.  Sure I couldn't leave my own assumptions and beliefs completely out, and I see why a single good ending in a game like that may feel biased. I will consider adding a few more to represent a greater diversity of worldviews.

Ingrid Wolf

You're welcome:) Thank you for playing!

Thank you for this game! I've had great fun playing it.

Oh, that's why those tree people were so fast! Thank you for sharing this! That's a great feature to hide in a game, so realistic.

As for me, I put two references to the French Revolution in the math within my game. The two numbers in the first puzzle together form the year when it began; one number in the last puzzle is the year when the king was executed and the Republic declared.

That was my first game jam, and the first game I worked on alone. I kept it very simple, so I didn't really get exhausted. Just had much fun and a great feeling of freedom from overly high expectations when creating it. I'm now enrolled in another jam, and will certainly join this one again next time.

My game:


I didn't even hope to get that high with a text game using no visuals or sound. It was my first jam game and second game ever. Looking at the competition, I'm totally stunned by how high I managed to get - and how low I found some of the games I admired.

My greatest regret is that I planned my time poorly and failed to rate some games I wanted to. I got confused about the voting time. Dunno what made me think it ended on Sunday evening! So I looked forward to playing and rating those carefully selected games on Sunday... just to check my game's page in the morning and see it was already over.  It would be great if a full weekend was allowed for rating.

Thank you!

I've rated your game. Would you mind taking a look at mine?

This game was hard on my space button, but totally worth it! Amazing art and music. I managed to knock out that big bad fish at the end, but the water-lily path was so tricky I just couldn't reach my crown. I loved this one, anyway. Thank you for making it!

Snake was one of my first games, so I just couldn't miss this one! It would be great to see more use of 3D space, and a leaderboard with scores, but still you have my vote for beautiful art. Thank you for this game!

Although you've asked not to be cruel with Willy, I just couldn't stop laughing! The physics were weird at times, and the character would get stuck in textures, but still it was fun to play. Well done!

Thank you for feedback and suggestions! I will use these when working on the final version. 

Glad you've liked the story - it's actually my favorite part!

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad to hear you like it.

This is my first jam game, and I had great fun creating it. As for the file, I was not sure whether it was better jam etiquette to make it downloadable or playable online (the former makes intuitive sense as someone using the same engine, Twine in my case, might be curious to see how exactly the game has been created). I checked the page with other submissions, and most were downloadable, so here I went. And then it was too late to change.

I agree that the time may be way TOO pressing. After the jam, I'll be adding difficulty levels designed so that most people have no trouble playing at Easy or Medium. And the current math and timing will be Hard :)

Hi! Could you take a look at my game?


I've played and rated your game. Could you take a look at mine?

Hi! Could you take a look at mine?

Great news! I'd love to play the new version.

This game is super hard! Still, the combination of two mechanics is great, creating a very unusual game!

I like the mechanic twist and the beautiful art. How many levels are there in total? I couldn't get past the last two spiders on the third.