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Infamous Quests

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Thanks! We had a good time making it - can't believe this was a year ago now!

Yeah, it should "upscale" the native res to fit your screen, and if not, there should be a utility to help it do that. I'll talk to my linux guy and see what's up. Thanks for letting me know.

Gotcha - isn't there a utility included in the Linux Package that should let you change options? If not, let me know and I'll ask my linux guy about it.

You can change the resolution with the winsetup.exe utility - to exit, press ALT-X

Hey all! Thanks for playing our game! If you liked it and would like to play more, let @Netflix know you like what we do.

Yep, I used AGS to create this.

Sorry, it's not supported for iPad at the moment. Just PC, Mac and Liunux.

try using the winsetup.exe utility that comes with it, and select run in a window... your laptop may have problems running things in fullscreen mode.

Hey there - the game isn't actually written in SCUMM, so it won't run in ScummVM, but an android port of it is possible.

Thanks Rob!! You're awesome.

Thanks for the video!

As for updates, we'll see.

Yep, sometimes it runs false positives, but there's no virus on it. It's just a self-extracting ZIP which can trigger some programs. There's also a plain old .rar for windows too, it's just below the .exe - the exe is for non-savvy windows users.

Thank you! And thanks for your stats, that's good to know!

We'll post any updates about the game here and on our website,

Press ALT-X to force quit (worst Jedi power ever) or ctrl-q to bring up the quit GUI

Try using the winsetup utility that comes with it. (Windows version)

Well, if given an official opportunity to, we'd like to continue/further develop this kind of game.

Thanks to all who have downloaded and played our tribute! If you have any questions, you can leave a comment here or send an email - info at


Thanks, Ben0!