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Inekoto Setsu

A member registered Nov 05, 2019

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Omg the April fool's update is GOLD XDDDDD

And I would simp for buff daddy Lake ngl-

May I know if there's any updates for now?

Let's just say the more you interacted with Rune, the more likely he will accept your request. 

ngl this is pretty good

one question tho, will there be sex scenes that mons top you instead? just wondering

That's actually a good idea tbh

Overall a nice leisure game, but somehow the scoring system is confusing. It doesn't have any indicator on how much points will it cost to get 1 star.

And honestly is it even possible to kill people with such a short CD? It's like he killed one guy and the next second he proceeds to kill another.

That's abusing the system ngl.

Since I doubt the devs will pay attention to reviews on Play Store imma write it here.

Apparently somebody hacked and abused the game option menu system.

Went to a game where the impostor was always the same guy, and right on the spot at the meeting spot he killed one by one as if the countdown was not a legit thing. Even reporting can't let us vote too.

This is ruining the experience. Please do something about it.

I sometimes would to the same tbh, I might too lazy to comment to I would rather downvote, as least made myself a point (shrugs)

Just let them be

Did they change those cringey lines into something more logical tho? I played the Chinese (Traditional) demo and those cringey lines weirded the fuck outta me

Same thoughts exactly. I cringed quite a lot reading those lines. I decided to play the demo before I buy the full game, but now I'm not so sure if I want to purchase that game anymore.

imo these cringe-y lines make the game loses its charm

Alright, honestly speaking I can't get access to the website as well. However after I tried with VPN I can get access into it and successfully downloaded the app. Apparently I have to rely on VPN to play it.

(1 edit)

Just as the title suggested. I have problems with the connection. Downloaded twice and both trials won't work. I would like to know what should I do to encounter this?

*This is the mobile version

This is incredibly well made, I would say this has quite a good start. Not to mention the art sprites are pretty dang good as well. Love it.

Didn't play the other two but when I finished playing Adastra, my only reaction was like: "WHY"

Welcome back! I'm glad that this gets to continue. Honestly speaking I thought this VN was kinda halted for sure while I scrolled through recommendations a few days ago. 

Now that the confusions are cleared off, I wish you luck! Take your time and take care as well.

I'm usually not a fan of games that have lots and lots of words, but this actually got me pretty hooked up.

Got some steamy things going on with Magnus mah man in the first play-through and I really like it. Can't wait for the next update, but take your time of course.

pretty promising with quite some potential, would look forward for the sprites in game

but I think the phrasing, alongside with the grammar in some cases kinda puts me off, as they can be quite confusing at times.

It's been a long while ever since I played the latest and only version of this VN. I hope this game isn't, like, dead yet. It'd be quite shame if that's the case.

(1 edit)

I have been wondering where has Maxiess gone to. Both Sean and hroft32 the artist don't seem to be acknowledging this disappearance too... I kinda wonder what happened between them.

*edit: I just read the artist's comment on the matter down below.

yay Keisuke gang rise up

jokes aside I hope someday the next update can have some steamy scenes in Keisuke's route just like Shoichi's

I really like this VN after giving it a try going through Owen's route yesterday, and Sissel's route today but I'm a little sad that I don't have the option for protag to bottom for Sissel for their 2nd intimate scene, good work still

Not really a fan of horror stuff but decided to give it a go bcs... this has somewhat gay romance element in it sounds pretty weird I know

The story got me hooked up, and I'm actually wanting to see more

Can't wait for the update! :D

and bless you hope your wrist will be doing ok soon

aww.. *insert sad Mac emoji*

nvm I can still wait *pats*

So far finally went through current Keisuke's route after playing for 2 days, I have to say I really like this VN. Can't wait for Keisuke's next update.

I have to say I was thinking the same thing. As the protag himself already used the term sadistic before that.

If it is to show protag's not knowing the difference between both terms I think the phrasing need some correction.

Love it, can't wait for the next update

gotta say the instructions for farmstead is rather unclear tbh.. mind elaborate a little?


First of all I wanna say thank you for making this amazing game, tho some parts I found a little frustrating especially the moving balls one:P

Love the characters, the plot, and also the CGs (love me some more hot hunks)

I have a question about the CG tho... do we have an option to change the same CG with different undergarment colors? I only picked the charcoal one throughout the game and  the CG only showed the charcoal ones...

Played the current 0.07 version and I would say I'm already in love with the game!! I'll be looking forward for the updates! :D

btw love me some Big Mac... definitely my type

tried in first playthrough, not bad at all, tho I was hoping for some images

Somehow I kept getting the Ending 9 and I can't figure out why.

Do you have something like a guide?

I suppose you have to quit the game, at least that's what I did. Then finally I can continue with the remaining part of the  story.

(Spoilers alert)

When you restart the game the daemon said about losing contact with you and such, and when you clicked on Ronch's timeline the node states that you were stuck in the realm.

…Judging that your comment was a month old for now I supposed you already figured that out.

ikr? Ramos' CG is great for real.

not to hate the other two but they really look weird

The latter idea about changing appearance will take quite a lot of time if Hyao's gonna do that.

Minotaurs tho... As a fan of minotaur I really love that idea.

Send my thanks to your friend. Bless him XD!!!

Really loved those kinky actions with Hayden. Love your friend. (I love you Hyao and the artist too I love y'all)

Hmm that might be the case, since a lot of times he kind of restricted my actions a lot whenever the encounter happens.

I gotta say I thought the same upon watching Koshiro's CG. That dck looks really weird.

Made an account just so I can comment here XD

I have to say I really love this game so much. Love the story and love the art. Kudos the artist for making such sexy characters.

Originally I was attracted to Benard but when I played more with newer updates, I kind of liking Hayden more now. Guess the frequent for Hayden helps. Such a lovely hunk that I personally wish I could meet one irl lol

I'll be looking forward for more updates. Keep up the good work!

Btw, the satyr encounter is kinda really frequent at the river bank there.