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Nice little game!

I think I spotted a couple typos on the "Progression" paragraph on page 5, in case you wanna fix them, namely:

"your GM can choose to gice you ‘boosts’ when you complete an adventure"

and "different items which will hemp you to get better"

Really enjoyed this, it definitely made me rethink some of my thoughts about the genre. 

I think perhaps the "Controversies" section in the Dwarf Fortress entry should mention the fact that, despite featuring both a randomly generated world and permadeath, the world is persistent between runs instead of being randomly generated each time you play. I think world persistence might be an important deciding factor for some people.

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No problem! You're using female personal pronouns but male possessive pronouns for the ghost. "She" indicates the ghost is female, however, whenever you mention the ghost's brother, you say "his brother", the "his" there seems to indicate that the ghost is male. If the ghost is female, it should be "her brother".

I really like this one! I noticed a small mistake tho, the pamphlet keeps switching between male and female pronouns when referring to the ghost.

Right now the only form of character progression in this game is adding +1 to one of your stats every time you complete a plot point, but you're free to modify the rules to add any mechanics you want! Maybe you could add a way to increase the size of one of your dice or something like that.

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I made it in adobe Illustrator. I just divided the page in 8 sections and then manually flipped the content of the pages on the top part

A lot of OSR games have a habit of putting most of their random tables in the first and/or last pages. It might make things less intuitive on your first read, but in the long run it's a blessing because whenever you need to quickly find a table you can just find it right there. 

Nope! I wasn't aware there was another game with the same name! I might change this game's name in the future, since I don't really like it as much as I did when I came up with it. 

AMAZING DEMO! I was lucky enough to grab the last free copy but I might go back and pay for it because I just love it so much. 

I'm a sucker for games that use a low poly aesthetic + 2D sprites for characters and this one uses it to great effect, the graphics have lots of personality.

I came across a couple bugs while playing it, but that's to be expected of a game so early in development so no biggie:

Touching a ladder while carrying a heavy object (even if the ladder is just laying on the ground) causes your hands to show up while you're still holding the object. I also had an issue with the big ladder clipping through the ground and disappearing when I tried to jump from it. And once I clipped through the floor of the house when jumping down from a window. I have had no luck replicating these last two issues, but the first one happens relatively regularly. 

Lamentablemente no. A pesar de que el español es mi idioma nativo, no me he dado a la tarea de traducir mi contenido. Pienso hacerlo en algún momento, tal vez a finales de este año cuando tenga vacaciones de mi trabajo. 

In this type of OSR game, combat is a failure state. If your group finds themselves facing an enemy in straightforward combat where all they're doing is pitting their numbers against the enemy's numbers, they've already messed up. The lack of an attack roll is not an oversight, it's a thought-out design decision to emphasize this principle.

If you rush into combat you WILL get hit every time you get attacked. That's a fact players have to deal with by finding ways to manipulate the situation to their advantage to gain the upper hand. There is no miraculous dice roll that's coming to save a player who's about to die, so it's up to the player to create these miracles themselves by engaging with their situation inside the fiction.

Glad to see this game finally released! I really liked it, and I had a lot of fun working on the soundtrack!

there's a hole in the round on one of the ledges you can climb to. Throw your fishing hook inside to fish the bit out.

Oh, sorry. I must have misspelled it. English is not my native language.

I'm interested in buying the limited edition, but I'm wondering. Do you guys ship worldwide? And if that's the case, how much extra money would I have to pay for delivery outside the U.S.?

I have only played this for a couple minutes but I love the aesthetic :)

Althought I don't see much of a point to having it on sale, since it already costs $1 and that's already the minimum payment amount will accept.

This is an amazing tool!

However, I'm having a little problem.

I'm trying to model a sort of an inverted bell curve distribution by using a die pool and a coin flip (basically, I want to set up a die pool, separately roll a single die, and if it comes out even, send the highest roll from the pool to the histogram, otherwise send the lowest roll from the pool). I think I need to use a "Switch Integers" node for this, but while this node is mentiones in the user manual, I can't find it in the actual program. I've tried using the search function and no nodes with the name "switch" come up. 

Of course you have my permission! I license most of my work under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license, which generally means you're allowed to copy it, redistribute it, modify it, and make transformative content for it both commercially and non-commerically, as long as you mention me as the original creator and distribute your transformative content under the same license. 

Also it feels super flattering that someone wants to write adventures for this!

The fonts I used were Seagram tfb for the titles and Source Sans for the rest of the text.

Hey, no prob! Thanks for some well put-together criticism. I might think about revising and rewriting some parts of the text sometime in the future, since, as you said, in a lot of places the rules are worded in a way that's kinda awkward and overly long (due primarily to english not being my first language, I guess)

This is probably one of the most solid OSR systems I've come accross recently.

I have a little question about death, tho. The zine doesn't seem to mention under what circumstances a character dies. The advancement section mentions that you increase your HP and one of  your stats when you reach 0hp and survive, which means that simply reaching 0hp isn't enough to kill you, but it doesn't specify what circumstances would cause you to not survive after reaching 0hp.

For now I'm just going to assume that reaching 0hp doesn't kill you but you die if your hp goes into the negatives.

So I just finished making a little minimalist top-down shooter for this jam, but I have a problem. I made it using the demo version of GameMaker Studio 2, and I didn't know you can't export games from the demo version, so I ran into that problem this morning when trying to export the executable to submit it. You can only export games from GMStudio 2 if you pay the $39/year subscription, which I really can't afford right now. 

So I was wondering if there's anyone here who has paid for the full version of GMStudio 2 and would be willing to help me? i.e. I'd send you the game project and you could export the executable for me so I can sumbit it to the jam. I'd be really thankful.

WOAH! I haven't completed it yet but of all the non-update entries to the jam this is probably the most impressive one I've seen so far. The ammount and quality of content that you managed to cram into it within the jam's time constraints is truly amazing, especially considering it looks like you used original graphics and music only (which I wanted to do myself but ended up having to resort to placeholder graphics and music in some parts). Really really amazing work.

Oh no! How do I fix that? I just wrote it with Microsof Word and exported it as a PDF, idk how to embed the font

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I was torn between 1d10 and 1d20, but I ended up deciding for 1d10 because attributes always start out in the 2-8 range, so i thought 1d20 would've been a little to deadly. Plus have in mind that since damage is dealt to attributes once you run out of HP (and characters in this game don't tend to have a lot of HP unless they spend a lot of character points on improving it) attribute loss can be pretty common in this game, which makes attribute saves  quite a bit harder than you'd expect. If you think that's too easy feel free to use 1d20 for a deadlier game.

Glad you like it!!

Thank you!!!!

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like it!

Thank you!!!! I hadn't heard of #RPGLATAMJAM, I'll check it out!

Sometimes I use Illustrator and sometimes I use Corel Draw

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I just released your translation! Thank you so much for helping me out with this!

Thank you so much!

My email is

If you find any more typos please tell me so i can fix them in the English version too

Yes. Thanks for catching that typo, I'll fix it as soon as I'm back on my pc!

This is cool holy shit!

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Hello! I'm glad you like this so much! The idea isn't mine, to be completely honest. The original creator of this idea is Daniel Sell, I just adapted his concept to use the weathers included in the Mausritter rulebook.

A french translation would be amazing, btw!