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Honestly, the was very pleasing to play, im looking forward to seeing you on different games. ^^

Adorable game, and very fun!

Did you this jam? ;)

im still a bit confused of what to do with the pool once fixed but the update is very nice!

This game is cool but please add checkpoints!

Okay so i played it and god damn every time you make the little luneko meow its so cute.


I want to collect all of ike's parts, its just so fun! Please continue to make it!!

Its funny because the luneko talk to me and i feel less alone.

I will not stop myself from meowing 43 times atr neon

steam is lame with nsfw games...

it would be nice to add a gallery know...look back at the art!

The game is really good when you need a quick past-time,very simple gameplay, the controles might be hard for the first time but when you figured it out it gets easier!

I perssonally didn't beat the boss because its a bit too hard for me.
I hope to see more of that kind of content in my life.
Thank you!

there is  an easteregg

if you hold boop-click you can rub it!


i'm stuck >.>
but absolute good game anyway i love it