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Hi, when you have time, please review my game. It's an atypical visual novel made with prerendered graphics. This is going to be a free game at least in its first version (kinetic novel). The focus is on story, surprising plot twists, quite a large cast of characters, extraordinary/supernatural events/powers. I am working on  this every day for several hours and I hope to finish the kinetic version by the end of this year. Thanks!

This is a story about mysterious, supernatural events of worldwide proportions, that are somehow centered around an ordinary 20 year old student who initially has no idea what's going on. 
It uses 3D prerendered images to enhance immersion through multiple camera viewpoints from a first person perspective. 
The story will first be made as a free kinetic novel and I hope to finish it by the end of 2018. Later I want to add more content by adding choices/multiple paths to follow.
This is my first serious attempt at making a game for public release and I am doing everything alone for now. I started making this visual novel one year ago. I rewrote the story several times, had to learn how to use software to make the graphics and switched programming engine a few times as well.

I post regular videos on YouTube with a playthrough of new episodes and from time to time I will also update the demo on 

First episode on Youtube (currently 6 online).
EyeDisconnected Games shows the demo on his channel.

Hi, thanks a lot for your comment! It's great to know that you enjoyed it. I will continue uploading episodes to YouTube (normally 1 or 2 each week) and from time to time I guess I will update the demo also with new episodes. I hope to be able to finish at least the main story (without choices) this year.

I thought about voice acting and maybe I could do some crowdfunding for that (??). I read that voice acting costs quite a lot. But I was also planning to keep this a free game, at least for the version without choices, so I am not sure about it. First now I want to complete graphics and story. 

Regarding image size. I made an earlier version with Tyranobuilder and there they suggested 960x640 because it's easier for mobile phones. That's basically the reason I got stuck with this. Larger image size also means longer render times.

Thanks a lot for featuring my story on your channel and for the nice comments!